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Is Air Conditioning Necessary?

Do I Need an Air Conditioner in Southern CaliforniaWhether air conditioning is necessary or not depends upon the context of your question. If you are a landlord and wondering whether you must legally provide air conditioning capabilities to your tenants, your answer may be different than someone that is simply wondering if they need an air conditioner for health reasons.

The answer can also vary greatly depending upon the climate zone in which you live. Here in Southern California, we have multiple climate zones within a relatively small area where the temperatures can fluctuate greatly.

In the cool coastal climate zones where temperatures are moderated by the cool Pacific Ocean temperatures, you could probably get by without an air conditioner for the vast majority of the year, but further inland in the desert climate zones, temperatures can reach extremes nearing—and sometimes exceeding—triple digits. Temperatures in this range can be very dangerous to human health, so in climate zones like these, we absolutely recommend having an air conditioner installed. If you have an air conditioner and it has stopped working, call us for air conditioning repair before the summer heat arrives in full force!

Is an Air Conditioner Required in My Rental Property in California?

In California (and most states) air conditioning is not required in rental properties. Air conditioners are considered a luxury item and not a necessity like a furnace. That’s not to say it is a good idea to forego the air conditioning system in a rental property. Renters today expect certain amenities and air conditioning just happens to be one of them.

Renting a property with air conditioning capabilities will not only allow you to charge a higher price for rent, it will likely help you get your property off the market more quickly.

Need an Air Conditioner for Your Southern California Home?

Is Air Conditioning Necessary?If you have decided that you need an air conditioner for your Southern California home, the air conditioning professionals at Action Air can help! We will give your home a thorough assessment—free of charge—to determine the AC system that is ideal for your home’s needs and your budget.

Contact us today to get started.

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