Top 6 Reasons to Schedule a HVAC Repair Service

A heating system that breaks down in the middle of a cold night is frustrating to any homeowner. On top of being uncomfortable and inconvenient, these malfunctions can result in exorbitant heater repair bills, or force you to replace your entire system.

To avoid this scenario, homeowners in Riverside, CA and surrounding areas are advised to keep a close eye on their furnaces and schedule a professional heating repair service as soon as they spot any early warning signs of a serious HVAC malfunction. But what are these signs, and how do you identify them?

We’ve previously listed the major problems that can cause a heating system to stop working and explored a few tested ways to save money on heating during winter. Now we’ll take a look at six problems that warrant calling in a HVAC repair service. Keep reading to learn more.


What are the most common furnace repairs?

Most furnace-related issues can be prevented by calling in for a professional HVAC maintenance service at least once a year. Giving your heating system an occasional checkup to make sure everything works as intended will extend your unit’s efficiency and lifespan.

Although even the highest quality HVAC systems are eventually prone to experience some issues. Knowing what problems to look for and when to call in expert HVAC technicians will help you avoid bigger (and costlier) issues at a later date.

Here are 6 telltale signs it’s time to call in a heating repair service:

  1. Burning smell
    When you run your furnace for the first time after a period of inactivity, it may produce a burning smell as it incinerates the dust that got inside the system. However, if this smell persists for a few hours or longer, you should switch the furnace off and examine its air filter. If the filter is dirty, replace it and check if that fixes the problem. If the smell persists, you’re likely dealing with an overheating motor, a blockage inside the vents, or problems with the internal wiring. Turn off the furnace and contact the pros ASAP.
  1. Cold spots
    Modern heating systems are designed to maintain even temperatures throughout the entire home. There are many problems that can cause certain areas of your home to feel drafty or cold compared to others. These include:
    • Undersized or oversized heating system. If your furnace isn’t sized correctly for your space, it will either be unable to fully heat up the whole home, or it may warm up some areas too quickly and then stop producing heat. Call in a HVAC professional to calculate your heating load and advise you on how to proceed.
    • Leaky, blocked, or uninsulated ductwork. Damaged, loose, collapsed, clogged, or poorly designed ducts and vents can limit how much air gets in a room. Check the filters and make sure none of the vents are closed off or otherwise obstructed. If this doesn’t help, call in the experts.
    • Improperly installed thermostat. Thermostats that are placed in direct sunlight, near an opening (window, door), or near a heat source may be unable to correctly detect the ambient temperature of your home. Luckily, relocating the thermostat is an easy job for a seasoned technician.
    • Aging furnace. Units that are nearing or past the end of their service life tend to provide uneven and inefficient heating. If this is the case with your furnace, consider having it replaced with a newer and more efficient model.
  1. Dirt buildup
    If the interior of your air handler or furnace is noticeably grimy, turn off the heating system and check the air filters. If the filters are clean, you may be dealing with a cracked heat exchanger or carbon accumulation on the burners. Refrain from using your furnace until the issue has been addressed by a registered technician.
  2. Noise
    It’s normal for a furnace to produce gentle humming or blowing sounds as it operates. However, if you hear irregular or loud noises such as banging, clattering, or grinding, your furnace is likely in need of repair. This is usually caused by loose panels, unlubricated motor bearings, loose or tattered fan belt, and malfunctioning ignition systems.
  3. Yellow pilot light
    The pilot light on a gas furnace should always have a healthy blue color. If this color turns yellow, it means that the ignition system isn’t receiving enough oxygen. On top of making your furnace less efficient, this can also pose a serious fire hazard. Switch off the furnace and have it checked by a certified expert.
  4. Blown fuses
    If your furnace frequently blows fuses or trips circuit breakers, you’re probably dealing with an electrical problem. Turn the heating off immediately and plug it out of the wall before calling in a professional repair service.

How much does it cost to fix a heating problem?

The price of a heating system repair service can vary widely depending on various factors. These include the type and severity of the malfunction, the cost of labor, the cost of replacement parts (if necessary), whether the HVAC system has been maintained correctly, and more.

In some cases, the failure may be so extensive that no repairs are possible and replacement is the only option. Likewise, old systems that are at the end of their service life are often not worth repairing and should be replaced instead.

Where in Riverside, CA, can I find a trusted heating repair service?

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In addition to the cities of Riverside and San Diego, our services are available in many local communities, including in Carlsbad, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido, Del Mar, Lakeside, and so on. Contact us today and have your every HVAC-related need met by the premier experts in California.


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