Heating System Malfunctions: Common Causes & Reliable Solutions

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Heating System Malfunctions: Common Causes & Reliable Solutions

A malfunctioning heating system can cause discomfort and a stressful situation. It’s understandable homeowners be wary of potential breakdowns. In addition to the inconvenience, HVAC malfunctions can be extremely dangerous, as heating equipment is the number one culprit of U.S. residential fires.

Even though heating systems nowadays utilize dependable, cutting-edge technology, most of them will develop certain issues some time down the line. When this happens, you can’t let them get out of hand because they could pose a threat to your family’s well-being and safety.

Luckily, you can catch issues early and prevent further repairs using reliable heating services in San Diego & Riverside Counties, CA. Even if your heating stops working completely, experienced technicians can still take steps to identify the root cause and resolve the issue. Read on to find out what typically leads to serious heating malfunctions and effective preventative actions you can take.

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What causes a heating system to stop working?

There are many factors which can cause your to need furnace repair in San Diego County. However, most of these problems can be addressed. Knowing how to spot the first signs of these issues and what preventative measures you can take is immensely helpful. Here are some of the most common problems that may be causing your system to fail.

  1. Improper maintenance
    If you haven’t paid any mind to your heating since the last time you used it, the chances are it may show signs of improper maintenance. This issue is relatively easy to resolve since it’s most likely due to the furnace being dirty or in need of a furnace tune up in San Diego.
    • The furnace needs unrestricted air flow. A dirty furnace motor blower prevents free movement of air and subsequently causes the heat exchanger to overheat and break down. If your burners have stopped working, the flame sensor or the burners themselves may be in a layer of dirt. The air filter is another component which can stop functioning due to infrequent cleaning. It needs to be replaced regularly for the system to continue operating normally.
    • It’s advisable to schedule your furnace tune up appointments at least once a year. An experienced crew can perform basic furnace maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently.
  1. Faulty thermostat
    You may notice that your thermostat doesn’t turn on the heat any longer. Although modern thermostats are rather dependable and long-lasting, as they reach the end of their lifespan, they’ll start showing signs of wear or malfunction.
    • If the thermostat isn’t responding, it’s possible it will require a replacement. There’s another possibility, as well– the device may have been improperly set. If this is the case, simple re-programming will do the trick.
  1. Bad blower capacitor
    The blower capacitor is a key feature of your system, as it starts the heat after you set your thermostat. If it’s past its prime, it may be worn and need a replacement. It’s best to contact experienced technicians and have them check if this is the case. They’ll diagnose the condition of the blower capacitor and replace it with a brand new component.
  2. Low on refrigerant
    Refrigerant allows for the movement of heat between different sets of coils in a heat pump. If there is too little of it, heat strips turn on too frequently and rack up your utility expenses. If you’ve noticed that your bills are higher than usual, this may be the reason.
    • In addition, low levels of refrigerant fluid can lead to further malfunctions if they aren’t addressed in a timely manner. If they’re consistently below normal, you can expect the compressor of your heat pump to stop working eventually.
    • Since recharging the level of refrigerant is pretty straightforward, it’s a kind of effort definitely worth investing in because it’ll save you from additional trouble down the line. It’s also much more cost-effective than it would be to have a compressor replacement done.
  1. Ductwork
    Sometimes, although it may seem like your heater is at fault, it’s actually the ductwork that’s preventing the system from working properly. The best way to avoid such issues is to make sure your ductwork is installed by certified and experienced technicians. Poor installation practices may lead to an imbalance of airflow in the system, energy losses, and short cycling. This, in turn, can cause overheating and deterioration of the system.
    • Even if the installation wasn’t performed properly, the situation is probably salvageable. You can schedule an inspection by a qualified HVAC specialist and have it assessed in detail. They’ll then recommend the best course of action, which will probably include redesigning the ductwork.

Who performs dependable heating services in San Diego County and Riverside County?

If you’re searching for a crew of experts in heating who have the experience and practical know-how to repair different types of malfunctions, contact Action Air Conditioning & Heating Installation. Apart from diagnosing and fixing issues with your system, our team also performs a wide variety of installation and replacement services that will keep your San Diego HVAC system in mint condition throughout the year.

We cater to the needs of residential and commercial clients in San Diego, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, and other areas of San Diego and South Riverside Counties. We offer a range of budget-friendly solutions to help you attain the comfortable and carefree lifestyle you deserve. Get your peace of mind back and have reliable heating at your disposal at all times with our expertise-based services. We’ll help you explore your financing options and find one that suits you.

Give us a call to schedule your in-depth inspection, find out the root cause of your HVAC problems, and have the best technicians in the area restore the functionality of your system. We’re ready to bring you top-quality customer care and HVAC services.


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