Freon Leaks: All You Need to Know

Your San Diego air conditioning unit isn’t cooling as well as it used to? Instead, warm air is coming out of your unit? While many other AC issues might be the cause of these symptoms, it’s possible you might be dealing with a Freon leak.

Freon, otherwise known as refrigerant, is a gas your AC unit uses to cool your home. When it leaks, it can affect the performance of your AC, result in higher electric bills, and cause a number of health issues. That’s why hiring dependable AC repair in San Diego, Temecula, San Marcos, and surrounding cities, is a must if you suspect a Freon leak and whenever you’re not sure what’s wrong with your AC.

Read on to find out what causes Freon leaks, how you can tell your AC is leaking Freon, and how these leaks can be fixed.

Does Freon leak when AC is off?

Many homeowners wonder whether they can still use their air conditioners if the level of Freon in their unit is depleted. And the answer is: yes, your AC can function with a Freon leak. However, running your San Diego AC with a low charge of Freon is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

The consequences of Freon leaks can be quite serious. Not only can running the AC with a low charge lead to expensive repairs or even a system breakdown, but it can also cause a number of health hazards and harm the environment because Freon can deplete the ozone layer.

We can’t stress this enough: if you think you might be dealing with a Freon leak, turn off your air conditioner immediately and seek professional help. Even if you have no reason to suspect a leak, regular air conditioner service in San Diego can help you prevent Freon issues before they happen.

How do I know if my AC is leaking Freon?

If you want to make sure your family is safe and comfortable, you need to be on the lookout for the early signs of Freon leaks. Here’s how you can tell your AC unit might be leaking Freon:

  • Warm air coming from your unit: if you notice it’s taking your AC longer to cool down your home, put your hand by the vent and see if the air coming out is warm. If it is, chances are your unit is leaking.
  • Higher energy bills: when an AC system is leaking Freon, it needs to use more electricity in order to cool your house. That’s why a Freon leak often results in higher utility bills.
  • Hissing noises: since cracks or holes in the coils which contain Freon are one of the most common causes of leaking, an AC Freon leak is often accompanied by a strange gurgling or hissing sound.
  • Frozen evaporator coils: if the Freon level is too low, the evaporator coil won’t be able to absorb heat as well and can, in turn, freeze up. If you notice condensation and ice on while cleaning the evaporator coil, seek professional help as soon as possible.

Can Freon leak in AC be fixed?

If you’re certain your AC system is leaking, the best thing you can do is call an HVAC professional. Never try to fix Freon leaks by yourself!

While a service technician can add more Freon to fix the charge, the problem won’t be gone until the cause of the leak is resolved. What’s more, a small leak can get worse over time, no matter how much Freon you add. That’s why your technician needs to find the leak, get to the root cause, and determine whether it can be fixed.

Unfortunately, fixing Freon leaks isn’t easy. Depending on the cause, you might have to replace your evaporator coil or even the entire unit. In most cases, getting an all-aluminum evaporator is a wise choice since aluminum is resistant to a type of corrosion that causes a large number of Freon leaks. If you find yourself in need of a replacement due to a Freon leak, connect with Action AC – the best AC installers in San Diego.

Dependable AC repair San Diego, Temecula, & San Maros, CA residents rely on

No matter how much you know about Freon leaks, the consequences can be far too dangerous for you to ignore them or try to fix the problem yourself. Instead, seek expert help the moment you suspect your AC system might be leaking Freon.

Here at Action AC, we care about your safety and health. Our seasoned service technicians will inspect your unit thoroughly and do everything in their power to fix any AC issues you may have. If you are worried your AC unit might be leaking, don’t hesitate to contact us and see why we’re the leading HVAC service provider in San Diego County and the Temecula Valley. Call us today!


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