10 Ideal Thermostat Settings You Should Know [Infographic]

Did you know that you shouldn’t set your home ac thermostat settings to one temperature and leave it there? Energy Star says you should set different temperatures, depending on the season or the purpose, like plant maintenance or reducing heating and cooling costs.

10 Ideal AC Thermostat Settings


Ideal daytime at-home temperature 70-78°F
If your partner insists on maintaining Arctic-like indoor temperature, use this information to settle the argument in your favor! Don’t try to cool your house faster by setting a lower temperature than normal – it doesn’t work!

Most energy-saving temperature 78°F
According to Energy Star, you can significantly reduce cooling costs by turning the thermostat up by 8 degrees.

Best temperature while you’re away 85-88°F
Turning the thermostat up will keep the heat and humidity under control while you’re away, and also help you save on cooling. Turning your system off is OK if you don’t have anything in your home that would be at risk of overheating (pets, plants).


Ideal daytime at-home temperature 68°F
If your home feels chilly, put on an additional layer of clothing or run a whole-house humidifier to decrease evaporation.

Most energy-saving temperature 60-70°F
Save up to 5% on heating costs for each degree you lower the heat within the recommended range!

Best temperature while you’re away 55-60°F
You don’t want to come back to a cold house but you also don’t want to waste money on heating an empty house. Stay within the suggested range.


Ideal temperature for sleeping 66°F
A mild drop in temperature induces sleep because the set point for body temperature also drops when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Ideal temperature for a baby 65-74°F
Adjust the temperature if your baby is too hot or too cold, which you can discover by feeling her ears or chest.

Ideal temperature for pets 64-78°F
While most animals have natural coping mechanisms for temperature changes, pets like fish or tropical amphibians do not.

Ideal temperature for houseplants 60-75°F
If you cannot stay within this range but you don’t want your houseplants to wither, don’t go below 50°F or above 85°F.



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