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AC Evaporator Coils: Should You Clean Them?

The evaporator coil of your air conditioner is crucial for the unit’s performance. In order for your AC to work well, the coils need to be free of dirt and dust. That’s why you should know how to properly maintain the evaporator coil of your AC

Just like any other appliance, your air conditioner needs regular servicing and maintenance in order to stay in tip-top condition. If you want to prevent common AC problems, such as Freon leaks and evaporator coil freezing up, don’t hesitate to contact the finest air conditioner repair in Temecula. 

Rely on our seasoned service technicians to take your mind of off any AC-related worries and answer any questions you may have. Read on!    

What effect will a dirty evaporator coil have on an air conditioner?

If you’ve ever wondered how your AC cools your home, you might know that it uses the evaporator coil located in the indoor unit to remove the heat and moisture from the air. It works like this: the AC system draws in air through the return air ducts and passes it over the evaporator coil which contains the refrigerant, i.e. Freon. The Freon inside the coils evaporates and absorbs the heat, decreasing the temperature of the air before the system blows it out the front. 

Since the evaporator coil plays such an important role in the functioning of your AC, it’s necessary to keep the surfaces of the coils and fins clean. Otherwise, the following problems can arise:  

  • Decreased efficiency: if your evaporator coil is dirty, the refrigerant will have a harder time removing the heat from the air. This can lower the cooling efficiency of the unit and result in higher energy bills.
  • Clogged drain: The moisture that appears as the evaporator coil absorbs heat goes out of the unit through the condensate drain. If the coils are dirty, however, the condense will pick up the dirt and possibly clog the drain, resulting in overflowing and excess humidity. 
  • Coils freezing up: impeded heat absorption can prevent the Freon from warming up and evaporating which can lead to ice developing along the coil. The ice will restrict heat absorption further and make it harder for the unit to do its job. 

How often should evaporator coils be cleaned?

While it is essential that you don’t let the evaporator coils get dirty, you should only clean them thoroughly only twice a year. This is because the fins on the coils can be easily damaged if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s best to hire AC professionals to clean the fins and the evaporator with due precision and care. 

Nevertheless, there are some things you can do if you want to avoid debris and dirt building up along the coils. Here are some tips: 

  • Clean or change the air filter regularly 
  • Keep plants away from the outside unit
  • Clear out the debris around the condenser unit
  • Schedule routine maintenance checks

How long do evaporator coils last?

What’s the life expectancy of the AC evaporator coil? Well, if you have a high-quality air conditioner and maintain it properly, the lifetime of the evaporator coil should match the life expectancy of the whole system. Naturally, regular servicing and maintenance checks are key if you want to prevent evaporator issues, as well as any other AC problems from arising. 

A typical AC system should last you anywhere from 10 to 15 years if you take good care of it. The same goes for the evaporator coil. However, many people decide to replace the evaporator or the entire unit due to compressor failure since a new compressor needs a matching evaporator coil for the AC system to work optimally. 

Rely on the leading air conditioner repair in Temecula

The only surefire way to ensure a long life for your air conditioner is to have it checked and serviced as often as possible. While you can take some preventive measures yourself, it’s always a good idea to hire experienced AC repair technicians. 

No matter what kind of AC problems you’re dealing with, the highly skilled and trained technicians at Action AC will employ unmatched professionalism to ensure peak performance of your AC at all times. Let them do their magic while you explore the Temecula Valley Wine County. Contact us today!

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