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Heating Lakeside expert and heat pumps
Buyer’s Guide for Furnaces: Heat Pumps

Our buyer’s guide for furnaces includes heat pumps, as they are one of the most popular heater choices in Southern California. Even though they are not furnaces, they are worth every San Diego buyer’s consideration. Find out why California residents and your trusted heating Lakeside experts (and beyond) love them.

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My Heat Pump Is Not Blowing Hot Air

Is your heat pump blowing cold air instead of warm? This is a common problem that can be caused by several different issues with your heat pump unit.  The most common causes for your heat pump not blowing hot air are: Heat Pump Compressor Not Operating If the compressor is not operating properly, your heat […]

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3 Signs You Need To Have Your HVAC Serviced

Being proactive is the first step in getting the most out of your heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit (HVAC). The number one reason for equipment failure is lack of maintenance and dirt accumulation in the system, in fact about 90% of all repairs are due to lack of proactive actions. Why spend all that money […]

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