Best Local Furnace Repair in Coronado

Action Air Conditioning and Heating of San Diego was voted Favorite Local Company for Air Conditioning and Heating when San Diego Union-Tribute polled their readers in 2017. This is only the latest of the many recognitions and awards we have received since 1975 when our company was founded. For over 40 years we have been providing furnace service in San Diego, California, heater repair in Coronado, and the rest of HVAC-related services to Coronado, Del Mar and greater San Diego, all the while insisting on superior customer care.

We offer you:

  • A decades-long experience and state-of-the-art equipment
  • A full range of services, including air conditioning, indoor air quality and solar installation, on top of heating
  • Blue-ribbon customer care and stellar local reputation

Furnace maintenance, repair, installation and much more

Action Air Conditioning and Heating of San Diego provides a comprehensive list of HVAC services, including air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality. We also do top-quality solar installations. In other words, Coronado home and business owners rely on us to fix their HVAC problems, regardless of what those are and what the scope.

Call Action Air Conditioning and Heating of San Diego for any and all issues regarding your heating system. We do all brands, makes and models – our expertise rests on decades of experience and adherence to highest standards of professionalism. When it comes to heating, we do all types of furnaces and other heating systems, such as heat pumps.

Technicians thoroughly trained for furnace repair, maintenance, installation and service

Action AC technicians are thoroughly trained for the job they do. We have a range of in-house trainings for technicians and we encourage all our team members to get NATE and EPA certified. Our technicians are not only fully trained to work with all kinds of heating systems, but they are also trained in safety standards and measures.

Action AC technicians are highly-skilled professionals who are polite, punctual and treat your property with respect. They also take strict measures to ensure the safety of everyone on the site.

Emergency service available

HVAC systems have a major impact on the comfort levels in a space. However, when a problem arises, it’s not just the comfort of the occupants that could be at stake – it might be their health and safety as well.

Furnaces are complex and sophisticated pieces of equipment. When they are experiencing an issue, the consequences can be hazardous, especially if the furnace is an old model. Gas furnaces, for example, can develop a carbon monoxide leak. Old furnaces that have a standing pilot light can present a fire hazard.

Action Air Conditioning and Heating of San Diego is here for you 24/7. Whether you are in Coronado or another San Diego city, we are always ready to come out to you and restore your home comfort, even if it’s the middle of night, Christmas Eve or Sunday evening. Sometimes, you can’t wait for the regular business hours. Feel free to call us whenever your furnace or heating system lets you down.

Furnace maintenance nips problems in the bud

Why wait for a problem to escalate? Sign up for our regular furnace maintenance program and reap the benefits. Action AC offers maintenance programs for all types and makes of furnaces, as well as heating repair in Riverside, CA and heating repair in San Diego, CA other heating options, like heat pumps. Regular check-ups give plenty of time to inspect the system for wear and tear, replace worn out parts, clean and lubricate moving parts and repair anything that’s broken or past its prime. Scheduled furnace service and maintenance extends the life of your furnace, while minimizing the need for Escondido furnace repair and their cost.

Call Action Air Conditioning and Heating of San Diego

Feel free to call us today whenever your home or commercial space isn’t as comfortably conditioned as you’d like it to be. We are here for you any time of day or night!