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At Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Murrieta, we offer a wide range of services to meet the heating needs of Dana Point home and business owners, including dependable heating repair, maintenance, and installation of heaters and furnaces. Ever since 1975, our customers across Southern California have known us for outstanding HVAC services and prime customer care.

Our NATE-certified technicians are highly qualified to provide you with expertise-based heating replacement and repair, making sure your home stays warm throughout the season. What’s more, we are proud to be a Lennox Premier Dealer in addition to servicing and installing a great number of other furnace and heater brands. Make the best decision for your comfort – contact Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Murrieta today.

Depend on us for expert heating installation & replacement

We strive to provide Dana Point residents with reliable and convenient heating installation services and ensure their optimal comfort. Over the years, our experienced technicians have installed all makes and models of HVAC systems, including heat pumps, gas furnaces, and many more. You can also depend on our team to offer sound advice and information on all heating systems and help you find the right fit for your Dana Point home.

When should I replace my furnace?

As the colder months of the year approach, there’s nothing like staying warm inside, bundled up in a blanket. But what if your furnace breaks down when you need it the most? As your heating system probably takes up the largest part of your utility bill and is the only thing keeping you warm and comfortable during winter, it is essential that you notice the warning signs and get an efficient furnace replacement before it’s too late. furnace free quote, furnace install, furnace installation, replacement cost, heater replacement murrieta, heating replacement, HVAC companies near me, heater installation, heating system install, heater install riverside

Here are some tell-tale signs that your furnace may be dying:

  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old. Most furnaces last for up to 15-20 years, but tend to lose some of their efficiency after the 15-year mark.
  • You’ve noticed a spike in your utility bills. If your utility bills have skyrocketed without an apparent reason, it may be time to get a more efficient furnace.
  • The furnace keeps experiencing issues. A good sign that you need a heating replacement is having to pay for a number of costly repairs on your furnace.
  • Your furnace can’t heat up your home evenly. Inconsistent heating is another symptom of a dying furnace, so look out for hot and cold spots in your Dana Point home.
  • You’ve noticed signs of corrosion or cracks. If you notice signs of disintegration or corrosion on your furnace, it’s probably time to replace it.
  • Your furnace is producing strange sounds A noisy furnace, whether it’s generating popping, humming, screeching or rattling sounds, is probably nearing the end of its lifespan.

Can I install my own heating system?

Heating system installation requires quite a bit of expertise and skill if you want to optimize the performance and extend the lifespan of your new system. If you decide to install your heating system yourself, you risk experiencing unnecessary failures and decreasing the efficiency of your unit. Here’s what you get if you depend on Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar to install  or replace your heating system in Dana Point:

  • Swift installation process
  • NATE-certified and experienced HVAC technicians
  • Tried-and-tested methods and equipment
  • Great warranties for your new heat pump or furnace
  • Minimized chances of breakdowns caused by incorrect installation
  • Industry-standard installation

Your #1 choice for heating repair services in Dana Point

At Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Air of Murrieta, we offer top-quality heating repair service in Dana Point to both home and business owners. If you’ve noticed any suspicious signs with your furnace, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We’re known for our 24/7 emergency repair and swift response, as well as the vast knowledge and experience of our technicians. They can handle heating issues of all kinds and complexities, so feel free to contact us as soon as you notice unusual behavior from your heating system.

Why is my heater not working?

Are you experiencing issues with your forced air or central heating system? Here are some of the most common culprits of heating system issues:

  • Dirty filters: clogged filters can cause a wide range of issues with your heating system, so make sure to clean or replace them regularly.
  • Ductwork leaks: if there are cracks or any other kind of damage on your ducts, your heating system efficiency is bound to decrease.
  • Pilot light problems: if your furnace pilot light won’t light up, first check the gas valve. If turning it on doesn’t help, reach out to a heating repair professional in Dana Point.
  • Fuel shortage: your furnace may not have enough fuel to run, so make sure to check if that is the case.
  • Thermostat issues: Make sure that your thermostat is on. If it is, try restoring it to factory settings. If that doesn’t help either, you may have to replace your thermostat.
  • Blower issues: If replacing the thermostat doesn’t fix the issue with your heating system, you may have a blower problem on your hands. Contact HVAC experts as soon as possible if that is the case.

What do I do if my heater is blowing cold air?

Many of the previously mentioned heating issues can cause your system to stop blowing warm air and keeping your home cozy. While the problem may be fixed by simply replacing the filter, we strongly recommend hiring heating repair professionals at the first sign of trouble if you want to maximize the efficiency of your system and ensure the comfort of your Dana Point home. If your heater won’t heat up your home, contact Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar today.

Boost efficiency with our heating service and maintenance

Just like any other device, your heating system needs regular maintenance in order to perform well during the course of its lifespan. At Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Murrieta, we offer great annual and bi-annual heating tune-ups that ensure optimal efficiency and maximize the longevity of your system. Our heating maintenance service in Dana Point covers all tasks needed to keep your furnace or heater in tip-top condition and prevent costly repairs.

How do I maintain my heating system?

The exact heating maintenance requirements depend on the type of your heating system. Here are some tasks you should take care of if you have a forced air furnace or boiler:

  • Check and replace filters
  • Have your ducts inspected at least once a year
  • Have your ductwork cleaned by professionals on a regular basis
  • Clean soot and dust from the combustion chamber
  • Have heating service technicians clean your blower

If you need help preventing issues with your furnace or heater, our experts in heating service in Dana Point would be happy to help. Our preventive tune-ups are designed to keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently all season long.

How often should heating be serviced?

Most experts recommend having your heating system serviced at least once a year for the best results. However, certain maintenance tasks should be handled more frequently such as cleaning or replacing the filters, a task that you should perform at least once a month. Apart from changing the filters, heating maintenance service should be performed by certified professionals in Dana Point or wherever else you’re located in Riverside County.

Enjoy reliable heating installation, repair & maintenance service in Dana Point

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Our knowledgeable technicians are at your beck and call whether you’re searching for the best heating installation and repair service in San Clemente or wish to hire the leading heating repair and maintenance technicians in Wildomar. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help ensuring comfort in your home near Doheny State Beach or anywhere else in the area. Get in touch with us today!