How Often Should I Schedule Solar Cleaning in San Marcos?

If you’ve noticed your solar panels are getting dirty or just need a solar cleaning in San Marcos, the team at Action Air Conditioning & Heating can help. There are times when your solar panels exhibit normal dirt, wear, and tear. However, there are times when they require attention and intervention to work at their peak efficiency. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend getting your solar panels cleaned every six months. The end of the winter and summer months are typically a good time to do it after a few seasons of debris and buildup. Here’s what to know about San Marcos solar cleaning and how it can help your setup.

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Why Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?

Your solar system requires some upkeep to keep everything in top working order. If you want to keep your San Marcos solar operating at peak efficiency, the first step is cleaning your panels. Everything from dust to leaves, bird droppings, debris, and dirt builds up on your panels and causes a dip in energy. Call our solar company in San Marcos to go through your options with you and schedule regular cleaning to ensure the efficiency of your setup.

You Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Solar Panels with Solar Cleaning

Regular solar cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent energy loss. According to studies, energy loss in the first year alone can drop by 20%, and in the second year, it can dwindle by 35%. The longer you go between cleanings, the more energy loss you face. Schedule professional service to keep your panels operating at their best and your utility bills in check. 

If you have solar batteries in San Diego, you also want to make sure your panels are as clean as possible. Otherwise, you could experience sluggish batteries that take awhile to recharge and safeguard your home’s power input.

Can You Clean Your Own Solar Panels?

Attempting to clean your solar panels yourself could result in damaging the surface areas. The process requires the right chemicals, pressure, and approach to avoid damage while ensuring your solar panels actually get clean. In addition to the risk to your system, you could also fall off your roof without the right equipment to keep yourself safe. Action Solar’s solar installers in San Diego are trained, licensed, and skilled at cleaning your solar panels.

Schedule Your Solar Cleaning in San Marcos with Action Air Conditioning & Heating

Ready to schedule your solar cleaning in San Marcos? We can help! The solar experts at Action Solar offers cleaning, installation, and solar panel repair in San Diego. We’ll make sure your system is up and running and well-maintained for incredible efficiency and peace of mind. Call us today! 


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