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Top AC Installation and Repair in Corona, California Aside from being an inconvenience, an air conditioning malfunction can turn into a downright hassle. But we can maximize your indoor comfort and air quality. Action AC has a long track record in serving commercial and residential clients in Corona and the surrounding communities across Riverside County. We will base our recommendations on your needs and budget. Rely on Action AC for reliable solutions and professional handling of your air conditioning.

Prompt and efficient AC installation in Corona

Is it time to upgrade the AC system in your residential or commercial property in Corona and schedule an air conditioning installation? If you want an honest recommendation for a brand new, energy-efficient AC system and a cost-effective solution for its installation, Action AC is your go-to air conditioning contractor.

How long does AC installation take?

The duration of your AC installation process depends on several variables:

  • The size of your property
  • The type of AC installation
  • The type and location of the AC unit

In other words, we can only give you a rough estimate before we get more information. It’s safe to assume it would take us a day for a changeout (when we replace the air conditioner itself but leave all the remaining equipment as-is) and three days to complete the whole process if we are doing your AC installation from scratch or replacing everything, ductwork and clean-up included.

What is a good SEER rating for AC?

The short answer: the higher, the better. The minimum standard SEER rating is 13, and the range for modern air conditioners is between 13 and 21. Here’s why you should opt for 13 or higher when choosing your new AC:

  • Greater energy efficiency potential
  • Lower energy bills
  • Higher comfort level

What noise level should AC be?

Modern split system air conditioners are fairly quiet. Depending on capacity, their noise level could be as low as 35 dB, or even lower. Central air conditioning systems have a wider range of decibel levels, and the 50-60 dB range is considered acceptable. Insulation quality and compressor speed may affect noise levels. If the noise level is a decisive factor in your case, we’ll make our recommendations for your air conditioning system  accordingly.

Bringing you dependable solutions for AC repair in Corona

AC malfunctions in your Corona home or commercial property can easily get out of hand, but we have the experience and expertise in handling various types of AC repairs. We also provide follow-up check-ups and regular AC service to prevent new or recurring issues. For fast diagnostics and reliable air conditioning repair that will not waste your time or money, book now.

How do you know if your AC is broken?

The number one telltale sign that your AC is broken or on the way to breaking down does not require much explaining: if you cannot reach the desired level of indoor comfort although you’ve been running your AC all day long, chances are the system is broken. 

There is a number of other reasons to get suspicious:

  • AC not turning on
  • Strange noises
  • Leaks and moisture surrounding the unit
  • Higher utility bills

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?

If your AC is running but not cooling, here are the potential culprits:

  • The thermostat is on. As a result, the blower is constantly running even if the system has achieved the desired temperature, and may blow hot instead of cold air.
  • Dirty air filter. Cleaning or replacing your AC filter should be an essential part of the maintenance procedure.
  • Dirty outdoor unit. Dirt and debris may prevent the outdoor unit from eliminating heat.
  • Tripped circuit breaker. If this happens, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself by switching the breaker back on. If it happens again, you may have a more serious electrical issue on your hands and should have a professional come in.

If you have eliminated all of the above, give us a call.

Can you repair AC coil leak?

If you have an evaporator coil leak on your hands, repair may not be a reliable solution. It may not even be an option. This is a serious issue. To make matters worse, you may be dealing with multiple leaks instead of just one. 

You might be able to replace the evaporator coil and fix the problem, or you may need to replace your whole AC system. This depends on the age and type of your system, as well as on your long-term priorities for cooling.

Restore your indoor comfort fast: AC replacement in Corona

Quality Air Conditioning Repair in Corona, California You were looking forward to the weekend, when you were supposed to do the Graffiti Falls hike on Saturday and head to Grand Boulevard on Sunday. But then your AC broke down. You now need to take the time to purchase a replacement AC system and schedule the replacement itself. Give us a call. We will do what we do best to save you the time and spare you the hassle. 

Can I just replace the AC compressor?

The compressor is the main component of the condensing unit, which is the unit located outside. If your compressor is dead, you may be able to replace only that. However, we will have to inspect your AC system to let you know if this would be a cost-effective solution and whether or not it would save your problem down the line. This brings us to the next question.

Is it worth replacing the compressor on the AC unit?

This depends mainly on your answer to the following question: is your AC unit still under warranty? If so, it pays off to only have the compressor replaced. If not, consider the alternatives: 

  • replace only the condensing unit
  • replace both the condensing unit and the indoor coil
  • solve the problem in the long run and replace the entire system

We’ll help you make a decision in your best interest in terms of finances and the long-term effect.

Can I replace just the AC coil?

The AC evaporator coil and the condenser coil in the condenser are the key components of the AC system. The two coils work together to complete the cooling cycle and cool your home, office or business premises. 

Damage to the coils may affect the functionality of the entire system. Even a fine layer of dust on top of the evaporator coil or debris on top of the condenser coil can impair their function and cause issues, which is another reason to schedule AC service and maintenance at regular intervals.

Let’s say your evaporator coil is damaged and your AC is broken as a result. The solution may seem pretty straightforward: replace the evaporator coil. But things are not that simple. For one thing, the evaporator coil has to match the condenser. In case of a mismatch between the two components in terms of refrigerant type, age or SEER rating, the following is likely to happen:

  • Frequent malfunctions and repairs
  • Higher energy bills
  • Lower system efficiency and lower level of indoor comfort
  • Shorter life span.

In other words, it may be impossible or ineffective to just replace the evaporator coil and AC replacement may be your safest bet.

AC service in Corona: we’ve got you covered from day 1

Overusing your AC is not something you will knowingly do, but it happens. You may simply forget to schedule its regular maintenance and before you know it, you are exposed to air conditioning malfunctions and costly repairs. 

Our experienced, highly qualified AC technicians have got you covered. Our regular AC service will ensure optimal year-round performance of your air conditioning system. 

What is an air conditioning service?

An air conditioning service includes a detailed inspection of the AC system. This includes: 

  • Checking system performance 
  • Running diagnostics 
  • Cleaning system components 
  • Adjustments, modifications and/or replacements

The purpose of an AC service is to detect early warning signs and prevent damage from happening, as well as to optimize the performance of the system.

What happens if AC is not serviced?

Forgoing AC service could cause minor, easily preventable issues to escalate into major issues which may be beyond repair. Aside from the damage to the AC system itself, irregular check-ups, service and maintenance exposes you to potential health risks as the system will proceed to circulate air which may contain mold, dust and other harmful particles.

How often should you have your air conditioner serviced?

We recommend having your AC serviced on an annual basis at a minimum, although we will base our recommendations on the actual age and performance of your system. Whether you have an old AC system or a brand new one, regular AC service conducted by professionals can extend the system’s life expectancy and boost its performance considerably.

We handle all your air conditioning service requests

To make the house feel like home, you need to ensure you are always comfortable there. And for that, you need a fully functional air conditioning system. To have your AC up and running again, schedule our AC repair service, available across Riverside County. We are your reliable AC repair, replacement, installation and service contractor in Corona and across the area.

We offer competitive flat-rate pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our services. Count on us for prompt AC repair solutions for your Temecula home, quality air conditioning repair on your commercial property in Murrieta, as well as high-quality AC installation & maintenance services in Menifee and premium air conditioning repair and replacement in La Cresta. Use our simple booking system to schedule your service and let us restore your indoor comfort!