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Leaky AC Ducts: Symptoms & Solutions

How do I know if my AC ducts are leakingDo you feel like your air conditioner is unable to cool down your home as efficiently as before? You may have inspected and changed the filters, performed routine maintenance, and adjusted your thermostat settings, but the AC still isn’t performing optimally. In this case, you may be experiencing leaky ductwork in your home.

Naturally, other problems may be the cause for inefficient or non-existent cooling, such as a broken or damaged fan motor, or a dirty and clogged AC drain line. If your AC has issues during the prime heat of Summer, whether you live in Murrieta, Menifee or Carlsbad, calling an air conditioner repair professional near you is the best way to remedy or optimize your HVAC unit.  In the meantime, it’s useful to be aware of the common warning signs of leaky ducts and explore viable solutions.

How do I know if my AC ducts are leaking?

If your air conditioner ducts are leaking every time you turn on the AC system, your home may notice your home reaching uncomfortable temperatures , while your energy bills are unusually high. To prevent this, be aware of the following common signs of leaky ducts:

1. Inefficient cooling

If your AC is unable to bring your home to comfortable temperatures, with the thermostat settings correct, it’s the first sign of your unit having issues. Damaged air ducts are a common culprit of inefficient cooling, as leaks enable the cooled air to escape your home. The best action to take in this situation is to call a trusted HVAC company to inspect your ducts and perform any necessary repairs to your cooling system.

2. Uneven cooling

If some rooms in your home don’t cool down despite your AC usage, or some rooms become too cold for comfort, it is a sign of uneven cooling. This is also a common sign of leaky ductwork. Your air conditioner should be able to evenly distribute cool air throughout your house, and duct leaks may be preventing it from doing so. However, keep in mind it’s normal for rooms on upper floors to be slightly warmer than rooms on floors below. Nevertheless, overall consistent cooling in your home can be expected from an optimized AC system.

3. High energy bills

It is normal for your energy bills to rise when the AC is run constantly throughout each day, which is common practice during the hottest months of the year. It’s a good idea to keep records of your energy consumption during different periods of the year for reference. If your bills are higher than they usually are during this time of year, it may be a cause for concern. Leaky ducts can force your AC to run for longer periods to cool your home, causing your bills to increase significantly.

4. Excessive dust

If your home is noticeably dustier than usual, it may be another sign your ducts are damaged. Leaks allow dust to enter your home and spread throughout the space more easily. Since dust can aggravate various respiratory conditions, irritate allergies and reduce your indoor comfort, you may consider immediate measures to seal any duct leaks in your home’s air conditioner system.

5. Poor air quality

In addition to making your home dusty, leaky ducts can impact your indoor air quality in a number of other ways. For instance, they may allow outside air, air from your basement or garage to spread throughout the house. This can be dangerous if  there’s any hazardous chemicals around or inside your home, such as pesticides or paint thinners.

How do you fix a leaky HVAC duct?

AC repair professionals use a variety of techniques to repair AC ducts. In most cases, the technicians will use specialized duct sealants to fix the leaks and prevent uneven cooling. Some homeowners choose to seal the leaks using special duct tape, but this practice has been largely replaced by more convenient sealing options. Moreover, Energy Star also advises against using duct tape, mainly because it doesn’t tend to last long.

Considering leaks tend to occur in hard-to-reach places, duct sealing can be a messy and often highly inconvenient job. So, contacting professionals is often the wisest option, without the risk of causing more damages. Expert technicians will inspect your ductwork carefully to detect leaks and devise a strategy to remedy the problem. They will also take the opportunity to inspect your unit for other problems and advise you on any services you might need to ensure optimal cooling.

How much does it cost to replace AC ductwork?

Ductwork replacement may be costly due to the complexity and scope of the project, although the exact cost may vary depending on the company. This is why many homeowners choose to have their ducts sealed instead. The solution you select may depend on the state of your ducts and other factors specific to your situation. For instance, it may not be the best option to install new ductwork if you plan to move in the near future, while having outdated, leaky ducts may reduce resale value if you plan to sell.

Either way, seek advice from HVAC professionals before making any decisions, as they’ll be able to offer insightful input.

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