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How to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

A fully functional furnace is your best ally throughout winter. Every year, your heating system works tirelessly to keep you warm and cozy on chilly winter nights. To keep it running smoothly and faultlessly and ensure your family’s comfort and safety, take care of maintenance before winter rolls in.

Read on to discover how to maintain and clean your furnace for winter so it doesn’t burn out when you need it the most. For the best, most precise, and highly efficient furnace maintenance, contact a dependable heating and air conditioning service in Murrieta. The experts will inspect your furnace and promptly resolve all issues they encounter, maximizing its efficiency.

How do I prepare my furnace for winter?

Since you’ll run your furnace regularly throughout winter, you have to be certain that it’s in great working condition. Here are several steps you can take to ensure your furnace is operating properly:

  • Change the filter: Your furnace has an air filter which needs changing each couple of months. Otherwise, it will get dirty, reducing the efficiency of the furnace and shortening its lifespan in the long run.
  • Oil the blower: The blower is an essential element of your furnace, which has to be lubricated once a year to keep the furnace operating well.
  • Clean the burners: Your furnace hasn’t been in use for a while, which means that a lot of dust has collected on its components. The dirt that’s accumulated on the burners can cause a weird smell when you run the furnace. Clean them carefully and inspect them for corrosion or irregularities.
  • Check if the heating vents are exposed: Make sure that nothing is blocking your heating vents. For example, a piece of furniture could be standing in the way, preventing the warm air from circulating the room and even increasing the risk of a fire.
  • Clean the chimney and vents: Dirt, soot, and debris may collect in your vents or chimney, making them unfit to use. Clear them out thoroughly before the start of winter.
  • Switch on the thermostat: Change the thermostat from cooling to heating and do a test run. Pay attention to the temperature for the next few minutes to check if the house is warming up like it should.
  • Look for signs of strange odor or noises:  Although these may only indicate that the furnace is picking up the pace after being off for a while, they may also point to issues. If you suspect there may be a problem, contact your HVAC experts.

Although some of these can be done by the homeowner, it is highly advisable to put a trained HVAC professional in charge of the upkeep of the furnace. HVAC experts are trained and experienced in the field, so they may spot malfunctions more accurately, as well as carry out suitable repairs without fail.

When should you turn your furnace on in the winter?

To maintain a healthy and comfortable room temperature, you shouldn’t turn on your furnace before the temperature drops below 68°F. Start at a lower temperature and turn it up gradually until you reach the optimum. Bear in mind that going up by one degree only uses up to 15 percent more energy than before. Don’t overheat the place – rather, try setting the thermostat as low as possible. If you’re interested, learn more about achieving energy efficiency by setting your thermostat wisely.

How do I find a reliable heating and air conditioning service in Murrieta?

When should you turn your furnace on in the winterAction Air Conditioning, Heating, and Air is your go-to team of HVAC experts. Whether you need us to inspect your furnace before winter, install a new AC, or maintain your air conditioning in working order, we’ll cater to your needs with trustworthy methods, vast knowledge, and unwavering professionalism. We’ll also be happy to give you useful advice on how to make the most of your HVAC system.

With us by your side, there’s no need to worry about how to perform effective air con maintenance or how to reduce the impact of the weather on your AC. We take care of it all for you, so you’re absolutely at ease all year round. You’ll be carefree and ready to enjoy yourself at California Oaks Sports Park & Pool, knowing that your HVAC system is running like clockwork!


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