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Are Solar Panels Durable?

How Durable Are Modern Solar Panels?One of the most common questions we receive from our San Diego solar energy customers is “are solar panels durable?”

To the naked eye, solar panels appear susceptible to damage from low-impact collisions, but looks can be deceiving.

The solar cells themselves are very fragile. In fact, they are only a few millimeters thick.  However, the glass and frame that surrounds them is very sturdy and durable.

Solar panels are designed to endure even the most severe weather conditions. From 90+ mile per hour wind to medium sized tree limbs to golf ball sized (or larger) hail, solar panels have been specifically tested and designed to withstand any impacts.

Guidelines and More

A good general guideline for determining how durable a solar panel is against impact is if it will break your roof, it will break your solar panels.  If something large enough to break your roof has impacted your home, there is a good chance you have bigger things to be concerned about!

The most vulnerable part of your solar panel is actually the underbelly of the panel. This area is not designed to withstand impact, so most often when a solar panel breaks, it is due to negligence during installation. This makes it very important to ensure you choose a solar installer that treats your panels with care during installation. This becomes important if they ever need to be removed temporarily for other home improvement projects.

Solar panels are very durable. We still recommend that you contact your insurance adjuster to ensure that your solar panels are covered by your home insurance policy. Many problems—in the unlikely event they arise—will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Solar panels represent a major investment in your home and it is a good idea to make sure that investment is protected as much as possible. Different manufacturers offer different levels of quality in a solar panel. Learn more here.

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