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Servicing Gas Heaters: Why It’s Important

Gas heaters are one of the most popular heating options in American households. But did you know that having your gas heater serviced is a must if you want to stay warm and safe during the winter? In this article, we’ll explain why gas heater service is essential and how often you should have your unit inspected by seasoned experts for heating repair in Temecula.

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Read on to learn why servicing your gas heater is crucial!

Should gas heaters be serviced?

Unless you have your gas heater serviced on a regular basis, it may end up posing a serious health risk for you and your family and cost you quite a bit of money – here’s why.

Gas leaks are dangerous

If undetected, a gas leak can be a serious hazard to your health, depending on the type of gas. For instance, a carbon monoxide (CO) leak in your home can be particularly dangerous since the gas is tasteless and odorless and, in turn, hard to detect. These types of leaks often happen in old units that haven’t been serviced in a while, so make sure to have your gas heater inspected sooner rather than later if it’s not exactly new.

Gas can start a fire

Even the tiniest of sparks, from a cigarette, stove, or any other source, can turn into a fire if exposed to gas. What’s more, even the heater itself can start a fire and this can happen during the night if the heater isn’t properly serviced. The best way to reduce fire risk is to rely on seasoned heating experts in your area to service the unit and have them on your speed dial.

You may be wasting gas

Gas leaks aren’t only dangerous, but they can also set you back significantly if you aren’t careful. A gas heater with decreased efficiency will waste more energy and result in a higher electricity bill. Also, even a tiny crack in your gas lines can waste significant amounts of gas and cost you even more money.

How often should gas heating be serviced?

Experts recommend having your gas heater serviced at least once a year for the best results. Naturally, only qualified heating experts can service your unit correctly and prevent more serious issues from occurring in the future, so make sure to ask around and find reputable HVAC professionals. A typical check-up will include inspection of the most important parts of your heater, including the heat exchanger, carbon monoxide, burner, thermostat, and gas pressure.

Action AC: the heating repair Temecula can’t do without

Making sure your gas heater is in peak condition for the upcoming winter is a must for a number of reasons, as we’ve illustrated in this article. So, if you’ve decided to have your unit looked at by heating professionals, you’re probably wondering who to call to receive top-quality service.

Look no further! With Action AC at your service, your heating system will be in perfect shape all year long. As the finest heating and cooling company in the Temecula Valley, we have what it takes to make sure your home is perfectly warm and comfortable during the coldest months of the year. Give us a call today!

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