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Maximize the Efficiency of Your Furnace with These Great Tips

It’s easy to forget to maintain your furnace until a serious problem arises. But why risk having to deal with a faulty furnace just before the winter season when you can take some steps to ensure optimal efficiency of your furnace and prevent unnecessary repairs.

While the lifespan of a typical furnace may be long, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your unit. If you want to avoid having to repair or replace your furnace, you should have the leading experts for furnace repairs in Escondido service your unit and make sure it works properly for the upcoming cold months.

How can I make my furnace last longer?

Looking for a way to extend the lifespan of your furnace? Use these tips:

  • Keep the unit clean. Make sure to remove any debris around your furnace unit to keep it working optimally.
  • Change the filters regularly. Replace your filters at least every three months to ensure good airflow and performance of your furnace.
  • Have the unit maintained yearly. Regular maintenance is the only surefire way to keep your furnace in perfect shape all year long.
  • Keep an eye out for issues. In order to prevent more serious problems with your furnace, seek expert help whenever you notice your unit isn’t working as well as it should.

What can I do to improve the efficiency of my furnace?

Keeping your furnace in proper shape is a must if you want to stay comfortable during the winter. What’s more, taking steps to enhance the efficiency of your unit can not only help you keep warm, but it can also cut down on your energy consumption, reducing your utility bills. Here’s what you should do:

  • Invest in an annual check-up; The best way to improve efficiency and extend the life of your furnace is to get annual tune-ups done by experienced HVAC professionals.
  • Get a programmable thermostat; this is a great way to ensure optimal efficiency and save money during the heating season.
  • Deal with leaky air ducts; According to Energy Star, 20% of the heated air in your home can escape through leaks in your ducts. Solve the issue by having them professionally sealed.
  • Use a ceiling fan; while it may sound strange, using a ceiling fan during the colder months can help you with evening out the heating efficiency of your furnace.

Is it bad for furnace to run constantly?

Are you wondering if it’s better to have your furnace working all the time or to turn it on only when you need it? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think since running your furnace continuously has both pros and cons.

The benefits of having your furnace run constantly include:

  • It evens out the temperatures in your home.
  • It can alleviate allergy symptoms if you use an air purifier.

The drawbacks of continuous operations are:

  • High energy bills for less efficient models.
  • It can damage the system if you have leaky ducts.

All things considered, you can benefit from running your furnace constantly the most it if you have an efficient system, sealed ductwork and use an air purifier.

Your go-to experts in furnace repairs in Escondido

No system can work optimally without regular maintenance. The same goes for your furnace. If you have your unit looked at at least once a year, you won’t have to wonder why your furnace has broken down just before the winter months.

Reach out to Action AC today and let experienced HVAC pros service and maintain your furnace, giving you some free time to explore Blue Sky Ecological Reserve.

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