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When to Turn Your AC On If You Want to Save Money

What else is there to do when the hottest months of the year begin than to crank up the air conditioner? Even though we all resort to using our air conditioners extensively to beat the heat,  many people are still unsure whether they should turn their AC on or off to save money. 

If you’ve tried to find advice online, you must have come across conflicting information. While some sources claim that an AC works best when it’s working at full speed, others advise turning off the AC while you’re not home if you want to keep your energy bills in check. 

Which of these is true? Well, unless your AC is in good shape, none of these tips will be able to help you. To make sure your AC is perfectly efficient, rely on the foremost Temecula air conditioning service to keep your unit running smoothly. 

Keep reading to find out how to be efficient when using your AC!    

When should you turn your AC on?

What is the ideal time to turn your air conditioner on if you want to save money? There are two ways you could go about this according to the information that’s available online: 

  • Keep your AC running at a temperature that is a couple of degrees higher than normal while you’re away.  
  • Turn off your AC while you’re not at home and cool down your home when you return by letting the AC operate in full gear. 

The first piece of advice relies on the assumption that your AC will waste unnecessary energy if you keep turning it on and off. The second one claims the opposite: your unit will actually use up more energy if it has to keep the same temperature throughout the entire day. 

Even though the choice between these two isn’t exactly clear cut, the latter solution does make more sense because leaving your AC on all the time can also damage your system if you’re not careful.    

Is it cheaper to leave air conditioner on all day?

So what is the final truth? It’s actually a mix of the two mentioned solutions. 

One of the best ways to save money on using your air conditioner is to purchase a programmable thermostat. This way, you’ll be able to control the way you use your AC at all times, making sure your home is always as cool as you want it to be. 

The second solution, suggested by ACEEE, is to increase your temperature settings for maximum efficiency. Since your unit decreases its use of energy by around 3-5% with every raised degree, keeping your thermostat set at approximately 78 °F while you’re not at home seems to be a great recipe for saving on your utility bills. 

Does turning the AC off at night save money?

Turning your AC unit off at night might save you some money, but your exact savings will depend on the following factors: 

  • What’s the outdoor temperature like? If the outdoor temperature is lower than your usual thermostat setting, turning the AC off may help you save a couple of dollars. 
  • How humid is the outdoor air? If it’s too humid outside, your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to remove excess moisture when you turn it back on. 
  • Do you rely only on your AC to cool down? If you use other ways to cool down beside your AC, such as ceiling or attic fans, turning your AC off at night is a good idea. 

Hire the leading Temecula air conditioning installation & repair

No matter how you go about using your air conditioner, you certainly couldn’t do without it when the summer heat strikes, even if you travel to Solana Beach to try and cool down. If you want to ensure your air conditioner is fully efficient and in good shape, regular maintenance and check-ups are necessary. 

Luckily, you don’t have to search for the perfect one for too long! Get in touch with Action AC and let our knowledgeable technicians take care of your air conditioner and make sure you don’t have to worry about efficiency issues and potential Freon leaks. Contact us today! 

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