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Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

What do you do when the temperatures simply won’t stop rising? You crank up your air conditioner, of course. Still, even with the AC set to the max, sometimes it seems there’s simply no escaping the heat. That’s when people start to wonder: “is there a way to make my AC work more efficiently?”

First things first, you can’t have an optimally efficient AC without a high-quality air conditioner installation in Temecula. Proper installation and regular maintenance are the only two surefire ways to ensure top performance from your AC. Read on to discover more tips!     

How can I make my air conditioner cool faster?

Are there some things you can do in your home to enhance your air conditioner’s cooling efficiency? Try the following tips to ensure your AC cools down your home as quickly as possible: 

  • Close the curtains during the day. Keep your curtains drawn during the hottest part of the day to block the sunlight and heat.  
  • Keep the windows open at night. Once the temperatures outside drop sufficiently, open the curtains and windows completely and make a cross breeze if possible. 
  • Leave chores for another day. Using your oven or dryer will definitely heat up your home even more, so you’d do well to skip chores like these if you want to cool down. 
  • Purchase a dehumidifier. While your air conditioner removes some moisture from the air already, you can enhance the effect by getting a high-quality dehumidifier. 
  • Close rooms you aren’t using. Close the doors of unused rooms to keep the heat inside and make it easier for your AC to cool down the space. 

How long should it take for AC to cool house?

The time it will take your AC unit to cool down your entire home will depend on a number of different factors. As a general example, it should take an AC that is in good shape around three hours to cool down an average three or four bedroom home. Here’s what you should consider if you aren’t sure that your AC is efficient enough: 

  • How old is your AC? If your AC model isn’t exactly new, consider replacing it if you want to ensure higher efficiency and better performance overall. 
  • Is it simply too hot outside? If it’s the middle of the summer, your AC is bound to struggle a little bit. Check out the tips in the previous section! 
  • Is your home insulated well? Bad insulation could be the reason your AC takes ages to cool down your home. A properly insulated home will be much easier to cool down.
  • Have you changed the filter? Dirty filters will cause your AC to work much harder to cool down your home. Change your filters once a month to ensure optimal performance. 
  • How big is your home? The bigger your home, the longer it will take your AC to cool it down. Close unused rooms to enhance cooling efficiency.    

How many degrees can an air conditioner cool?

Your air conditioner won’t cool down your home sufficiently? Maybe it simply can’t do any better! Most modern AC units are able to lower the temperature in your home by around 20 degrees. 

On most days, the 20-degree temperature drop is perfectly sufficient, but you may find your AC struggling to keep a comfortable temperature in your home if it’s extremely hot outside. For instance, if it’s close to 100 degrees outside, you can expect your AC to lower the temperature to around 80 degrees. 

Beat the heat with the #1 air conditioner installation in Temecula

A modern, properly functioning AC unit will not only cool your home faster, but it will also reduce your AC bills significantly. You’ll be able to keep your home cool during the summer and avoid resorting to turning off your AC to save money on your energy bill.    

If your AC unit is getting old or you suspect serious issues like dangerous Freon leaks, don’t hesitate to reach out to Action AC and have your air conditioner inspected, repaired or replaced while you take a break to visit the Pechanga Resort to escape the heat. Reach out to us today! 

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