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Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips Before Winter

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Tis’ the season to give your trusted San Diego heating repair service a call. Not only does regular, year-round HVAC maintenance give homeowners a peace of mind, it also spares them the ordeal and the costs of emergency repairs when they need their HVAC to be working without a hitch. With winter being just around the corner, we all want and need our furnaces to be up and running. With these handy furnace tips, winter will be easier to bear!

Don’t put off maintenance and repair

Many San Diegans think that, even in the wintertime, a broken furnace is no big deal. They prefer to rely on electric space heaters and suchlike instead and take their time before purchasing a (new) furnace. However, this is seldom a wise call as those heaters fail to achieve the desired efficiency despite the fact that the resulting electricity bills tend to go through the roof.

Although a new furnace sounds like a considerable investment at first, it is actually a rational one. It guarantees homeowners not only indoor comfort but also reduced electricity bills and a peace of mind. Even if you are a responsible homeowner who follows professional repair and maintenance of furnace tips, winter might be colder than expected so the time to think about maintenance is now. What’s more, some parts of the system might require replacement due to normal or excessive wear-and-tear, affecting the efficiency of the whole system.

Inspect the thermostat

A functional furnace requires a functional thermostat. A pre-set thermostat enables you to save money on repair and heating itself, as it puts you more in charge of utility costs, especially when no one’s home. Make sure that the thermostat is functional and well-connected to the rest of the equipment.

DIY furnace tips, winter edition: make it clean as a whistle

Although it’s acceptable for the furnace to be completely neglected for most of the year, winter is the time to clean it thoroughly. Remove any dust and debris from the furnace and other parts of the system, unless you plan on having professional maintenance crew come in, in which case they’ll do it for you. This includes checking the filters which should be cleaned or replaced altogether for the purpose of enhancing indoor air quality.

When in doubt, call the pros

What you need to pay attention to depends mostly on the type of furnace you own. Qualified furnace specialists will not only check whether your furnace is in top shape, but also whether the air quality and circulation efficiency are appropriate, ensuring your family’s comfort, health and safety.

With Action AC’s furnace tips, winter at home will be a joy!

Enjoy this winter in the comfort of your home! All it takes is a reliable furnace and a trusted HVAC maintenance crew. Luckily, Action AC’s seasoned professional HVAC technicians know every trick in the book. We’ll make sure that your furnace is in perfect condition throughout the colder months of the year so that you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of home without having to spend a fortune. Give Action AC a call and get cozy this winter!

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