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Easy Steps to Getting Furnace Ready for Winter

getting furnace ready for winter

Soon, decent heating repair service in San Diego will be difficult to come by, what with winter being just around the corner, now is the perfect time for getting furnace ready for winter. You can rely on your trusted HVAC technician to remind you about most requirements for getting the most out of your heating system, such as your furnace’s filter replacement schedule and other necessary maintenance steps. But there are also steps that you can take to have that furnace good and ready in time for those chilly winter nights!

Getting furnace ready for winter step 1: turning on the thermostat

Change the thermostat settings from cooling to heating, setting the temperature at a few degrees above the current room temperature. After a minute or so, you should feel the heat rising. If that doesn’t happen, either there’s a problem with the thermostat connections or it’s time to have the device replaced. It’s also possible that there’s a non-thermostat-related problem, so it’s best to call in a professional.

In case you have an old thermostat, consider switching to a programmable or set-back thermostat. This clever device allows you to lower the temperature when sleeping or away from home, which means you will never have to worry about those crazy electricity bills anymore.

Changing or cleaning and upgrading the air filters

Cleaning or replacing air filters every few months – or, better yet, once a month – is important for several reasons. Your HVAC system will last much longer if you prevent particles from getting into it – which is what the air filter is for.

If you currently have a flat filter, consider an upgrade. Upgrading to a HEPA filter or an electrostatic filter raises the furnace’s energy efficiency.

Getting furnace ready for winter by clearing its surrounding area

Keep debris and clutter out of the area around the furnace. Certain objects can attract more dust, can obstruct the airflow, or cause unnecessary dangers. Needless to say, keep flammable objects away from the furnace.

Check the blower belt for signs of damage

The blower belt is a large rubber belt that is located in your furnace’s air handler. You need to replace it if you notice any cracks, which a technician would be able to notice on a scheduled maintenance call.

Inspect and clean air vents, ducts and furnace flue

After you have removed all of the clutter that was obstructing the airflow, use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the air vents and ducts.

Also inspect the furnace flue, which must be free of branches, insect nests and the like.

Getting furnace ready for winter with Action AC: make yourself cozy!

No time like the fall to get your furnace ready for wintertime. Here at Action AC, we have a team of HVAC professionals who know just what your furnace needs. We’ll fix any malfunctions and check for potential issues before they arise. Getting furnace ready for winter is just a call away, so call Action AC today!

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