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Why Is Furnace Filter Replacement Schedule Important?

furnace filter replacement schedule

Ask any respectable San Diego heating repair service and their vote will be unanimous: ignoring your furnace filter replacement schedule spells trouble. Replacing the filter is one of the key steps of preparing your furnace for winter, which is why any trustworthy local HVAC service is bound to include it in regular furnace maintenance. It is a step that must be taken, preferably every other month, to ensure your heating system’s top efficiency. If you still doubt the importance of filter replacements, read on and see for yourself!

Stick to the furnace filter replacement schedule and you’ll have a cleaner home

This one may come as a surprise, but you can think about it this way: a dirty air filter will circulate dust all around the house; and in turn, a clean one will do the opposite and will circulate clean air—This means less dusting to be done!

A clogged air filter reduces your heating system’s lifespan

A clogged air system can actually lead to the complete failure of the furnace. This is due to the fact that the unit, being forced to work twice as hard to achieve the desired effect, is eventually bound to overwork itself.

This will not only lead to higher energy bills as your unit is working twice as hard, but eventually you may be left no other choice than to purchase a new furnace. To prevent any of this from happening, replacing the air filter at optimal regular intervals will help you extend the life of your furnace.

Ignoring the furnace filter replacement schedule is bad for your health

Ensuring high indoor air quality is especially important in the colder months. You are likely to have windows closed and keep an enclosed space in order to trap your desired temperature, and if you don’t want dust, mold and the like anywhere near your lungs, an efficient air filter is a necessity. By having a clean air filter which can trap these contaminants, you’ll prevent any trouble that could come up and alleviate existing respiratory issues.

A dirty air filter means higher maintenance costs

A clogged air filter will not necessarily cause system malfunctions, but it will certainly raise the maintenance costs. By not keeping up with regular maintenance and ignoring the furnace filter replacement schedule, more severe issues such as blower malfunction or dirty ductwork can arise. These will carry a higher price tag and it is something that can be avoided by simply keeping on track with filter replacements.

A clean air filter raises the system’s efficiency

As mentioned above, failing to replace air filters means that things like dust, debris, grime, and other nasty forms of dirt will clog up your air filters. Your air flow will still try to get past that wall of dirt, and when it is unable to do its job, it will keep working harder and harder until is able to penetrate the air filter and began circulating the air flow. Double the work means double the cost to you, while a clean air filter maximizes the system’s efficiency, in addition to reducing the energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Leave the furnace filter replacement schedule to Action AC

Action AC will make sure that your furnace is up and running for many cozy winters to come. Our experienced professional technicians will conduct regular maintenance of your furnace to solve or  prevent any issues that could come up in the future. Call us today and schedule an inspection!

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