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What Is the Most Efficient Heating System for My Home?

most efficient heating system

However (in)tolerant to cold you are and whichever your preferred indoor temperature during the colder months is, you want your heating San Diego to be up and running at all times, for as long as necessary. So, the essential thing to do in preparation for wintertime is discovering the most efficient heating system for your house, so you’d only be reducing bills, not comfort.

An efficient HVAC system is the best investment in the future of any San Diego home – you get maximum year-round indoor comfort, especially in the winter, without the astronomical running costs. Add to that regular maintenance by a reliable HVAC service and you’ll successfully avoid the hassle of dealing with clogged drain lines, not to mention any major repairs. You’ll be saving even more.

Go for high-efficiency

High-efficiency models may be pricier upfront, but they can reduce energy bills by up to a staggering 70 %. That’s years and years of saving a bundle on energy bills.

Mind the heat generation capacity

Unlike Goldilocks, you’ll need some help to calculate your home’s heating needs. Don’t leave it to chance, reach out to an experienced HVAC professional for a trustworthy estimate. It’s only when you discover what system size is the most adequate for your home, that you can find the most efficient heating system.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps owe their popularity to their astounding efficiency levels, moderate energy consumption and eco-friendly features. They are an especially smart choice for places with relatively mild winters as only extreme weather has the potential to reduce their efficiency. Heat pumps are available in two varieties: geothermal and air-source.


Furnaces remain the most common heating system nowadays, being used in approximately 60% American households. You can expect newer furnace models to be highly efficient due to the latest technological advances. Depending on their energy source, there are three types of furnaces you can choose from: gas, oil and electric.

Solar electric system

At first glance, solar electric system might seem far less conventional than the other two heating systems, but switching to solar is getting increasingly popular. In fact, now is the perfect time and San Diego the ideal place to jump on the bandwagon. Switching to solar power will save you a fortune, both in terms of the initial costs and energy bills later on. Besides, not only is it renewable but also the cleanest source of energy available.

Contributing factors

There are additional factors that can make or break the efficiency levels of even the most efficient heating system. One of them is whether or not your home has effective insulation, without leaky ducts, holes or cracks.

Also, you’ll need a fully functional control system in place, such as a programmable thermostat, putting you more in charge of energy consumption in your home.

Action AC helps you choose the most efficient heating system and makes it last

Finding the most efficient heating system for you boils down to determining the needs of your home. Here at Action AC, we’ll happily reach out and help you pick out the most efficient heating system, perform its servicing and maintenance, as well as give you tips and recommendations along the way. Shoot us a call and we’ll help you take action!

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