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What you need to know before installing a split AC system

installing a split ac system

In recent years, the ductless air conditioning systems have been gaining in popularity. We at Action AC have witnessed more and more requests for ductless air conditioning installation in San Diego. If you are interested in installing a split AC system, you have probably read through many mini splits reviews to gain an insight into ductless AC benefits.

There are certain things you need to know before deciding on installing a split AC system. In this article, we help you understand what mini splits are, how they work, and if they are a great fit for you and your home. 

What are ductless AC systems?

Unlike traditional central HVAC systems, ductless units don’t require the constant exchange of air between the indoor and outdoor parts. Split systems have an indoor part of the unit connected to a thermostat and an outdoor compressor. These two need to be connected through two-way ducts in order for air to circulate between them.

When you decide on installing a split AC system, the need for air flow between two parts of the system is eliminated. The mini split system enables air to circulate through the indoor unit itself, instead of using special tubes and ducts.

How do they work?

Because they need no ductwork to be installed, mini split AC systems can be set almost anywhere. They can be used both for heating and cooling, but their main benefit is that temperature can be set individually throughout the house. These systems are quiet and simple to use.

The outdoor part of it controls the refrigerant in order to make it spread through lines connected with the indoor part. The individual control of the units makes this system great both for shared rooms such as offices and large houses with the need to control temperature in each part separately. Here you can read more about FAQ on mini splits.

Who can benefit from them?

The ideal candidates for installing a split AC system are people doing some renovating and adding a new room to their house. The central HVAC system is projected to cover only the existing areas, so adding a new room is a reason to choose ductless AC systems. Since there is no need to add ductwork, they can save a lot of time and money in such cases.

They are also great for when you need to cool only a single room. Deciding on a central HVAC system entails a lot of work and money invested. Ductless mini systems are cheaper and take less space than ducted systems, and they can also be installed almost anywhere. However, the installation is best left to pros.

Need help installing a split AC system in your home? Call us

If you are expanding your house or looking to cover only some areas of it with an HVAC system, ductless AC is a great option. In order to reap all the benefits it provides, leave the installation part to the pros. Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar offers expert solutions for ductless system installation. Call us for an estimate of the capabilities and recommendations on how to maximize the heating and cooling effect.


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