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How to Hide a Ductless Mini Split

how to hide a ductless mini split

Ductless mini splits have become all the rage for many reasons. They are energy efficient, require no ductwork adaptation and are easily installed throughout the household. However, opting for ductless AC San Diego also means getting used to its look, which can really pop up from the rest of the living areas.

If the sight of a ductless mini split on your wall displeases you, there is no reason to despair. You just need to find out how to hide a ductless mini split and then you can enjoy all of its benefits without it sticking out. It needs to be unobstructed to work properly, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be incorporated into the overall design nicely.

Build a bookshelf

Bookshelves are very customizable, which makes them great for incorporating the mini split unit. They can be built to encompass the whole wall containing the unit, or just a part of it you wish to stylize. Not only can a bookshelf bring a modern look to your abode, but chances are your guests won’t even notice the mini split until it’s time to use it. Remember to leave enough space around the unit for proper functioning.

Put it in a corner

Almost every house is full of corners which can be used as great hiding places for ductless mini splits. Keep in mind that these units still need space to distribute the cold air when cooling and hot air when heating. This means that you should find a place which won’t attract that much attention but can still be ideal for good air distribution.

Recess it

Again, keeping in mind the space the unit requires around it, one of the ways how to hide a ductless mini split is to put it in a recessed cavity. This could be a custom-made niche above a closet or a false beam in the walls. Just don’t make holes where some of the important house wiring goes. Another place to recess the unit is the ceiling, with an even smaller chance it will be spotted.

Paint the walls

One of the great and efficient ways to hide a mini split is to make sure its color matches the surrounding wall or walls. Ductless units usually come in white or gray so all you need to do is find the appropriate nuance and paint the walls around them. This way, the unit will be hard to spot as it will blend it. Don’t try to paint the mini split itself because it can disrupt its operation.

Make a cabinet

Some of the mini split units are made to stand on the floor like regular radiators. They can be covered by creating a special cabinet around them, which will cover the unit, all the while letting air flow around. This is also a great way to get some additional space for displaying stuff on top of the cabinet.

Still wondering how to hide a ductless mini split? We can provide suggestions

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