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FAQ On Mini Splits

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Are you considering installing mini splits in your San Diego home? Are you feeling unsure because you’re used to the traditional ducted HVAC systems? Installing a mini split system might be a great solution. Both the experts and homeowners agree on that in numerous mini splits reviews. Still having doubts? We’ve rounded up some of the most frequent questions about ductless AC systems to get you some answers. Here’s our little FAQ on mini splits

How do ductless AC units work?

A mini split system consists of three parts: the condenser, the indoor air unit and the copper tubes. As with traditional systems, the condenser is placed outside, but it is often smaller and thinner than regular ones. The indoor unit can be mounted on walls or ceilings and is used to blow heated or cooled air into the house. There can be several units which all connect to the same condenser.

The tubes made of copper replace the ductwork and serve to carry and pump refrigerant for heating and cooling. During the summer, the refrigerant takes the heat from inside and takes it outdoors, while during the winter it takes the outside heat and uses it to raise the temperature inside.

Are ductless AC units quiet?

No FAQ on mini splits would be complete without this entry, as noise is a great concern for homeowners. Mini splits were introduced a long time ago, and at that point, they were a bit noisy, but things have changed a lot. Today, mini splits are pretty quiet. However, they are still not completely silent, as there is a noise resembling a ceiling fan.

Can ductless AC units cool multiple rooms?

The good thing about mini splits is that they can be used for the heating or cooling of the whole house or just some parts of it. They can be purposely installed in order to best fit your needs. Individual units should be installed for different areas, but they all connect to a single outside condenser.

What size ductless AC do I need?

Properly choosing the system for your needs is important for maximum efficiency. All of this depends on the size of the area you wish to heat and cool and the number of units you intend to install. Sizing should be precise and dependent on the placing of the units. Seek professional help in determining the layout and choice of units.

Can I install a ductless mini split system myself?

Although the installation of these systems is simpler than that of a traditional AC system, it is not recommended for you to do it yourself. There are instructions which come with the units, but only a trained person can perform the installation correctly. Choose certified experts who have experience and the proper tools to do the job without a hitch.

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