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Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist San Diego Homeowners Need

Air conditioner maintenance checklist

Thinking about your home air conditioning system only when it breaks down is not only undesirable, but can be very costly. You need the system to keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer, which it can do only if it’s in top shape. In order to keep it that way, regular maintenance should be a part of your routine.

Air conditioning maintenance San Diego is the way to go for optimal system condition and costs. Waiting for something to break down means not just costly repairs, but also more electricity usage. Your air conditioner maintenance checklist should include a schedule for maintaining your system, plus additional visits from HVAC professionals to keep it in optimal shape.

Filter inspection

Air filters are an essential part of your HVAC system and if they become clogged, this could spell trouble. This is why they should be checked once a month to see if they need cleaning or replacing. Depending on which type of filters you have, they can be reused after cleaning or need to be replaced each time. If there are pets in your household, you need to take this issue even more seriously, because the filters can become clogged more easily in such an environment.

Debris cleaning

Every HVAC unit has an outdoor part which is under the influence of weather conditions and its surroundings. It can gather plenty of debris from the leaves, branches and sticks. If there are plants next to the outdoor unit, one thing to do is to trim a certain radius around the unit to reduce the chance of debris. Always check the coils to make sure they have adequate air flow. And never cover the condenser yourself, as this will only hinder the unit.

System testing

Sometimes, despite checking the system visually, you can only find a fault during its operation. Before using your air conditioner regularly, turn it on for about an hour to conduct a test run. This way, you can see if there is an underlying problem which needs to be solved by professionals. If you identify a problem early on, this will not only mean fewer upcoming costs, but more chance to easily arrange an HVAC contractor to come and solve the issue.

Leakage inspection

One of the aspects which is not a part of the usual maintenance but can help in preventing further problems is inspecting the air ducts for leaks. There is no need to inspect the ductwork that often, but don’t forget them, as leakage can render the system inefficient. An additional level of insulation can prevent this, so remember to check if any parts of the ductwork need sealing.

Need help with your air conditioner maintenance checklist? Call the trusted San Diego pros!

Going through the air conditioner maintenance checklist can be an arduous task for the inexperienced San Diego homeowners. In such cases, Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar is there to help you cover all the important aspects of your HVAC maintenance. Call us for a professional and detailed inspection of your home system.

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