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Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Diego

Spring best air conditioning maintenance in San Diego

Your home AC unit is one of the many amenities a modern home presents. However, in order for it to be fully operational and work without faults, it has to be regularly maintained. Seeing as you are going to need it during the summer, springtime is the ideal time to think about air conditioning maintenance San Diego possibilities.

Better to be safe than sorry, which means that you shouldn’t wait for any potential breakdowns during peak temperatures. Instead, call HVAC professionals in time before they are busy so you can have a timely checkup performed. This will bring you several benefits.

Reduced energy bills

A system which is regularly and properly maintained is likely not only to keep your energy bills at a constant level, but also reduce them. When it is clean, the AC unit functions more smoothly and reliably, leaving out the possibilities of unpredictable breakdowns.

No additional repairs

Breakdowns usually occur in units which aren’t regularly maintained. The preventative check-ups eliminate the possibility of breakdowns and expensive repairs. They serve to find any potential problems in time, before they evolve into something more serious.

Longer AC unit life

All AC units have a certain lifespan, depending on the model and make. However, if regular maintenance is performed, this can be extended significantly. This works through the process of making it more efficient with cost-effective plans.

Retain the warranty

Every manufacturer has certain warranties on its products and this is also true for AC systems. But, if there aren’t regular HVAC check-ups, the manufacturer can decide to pronounce the warranty void. This is why, apart from changing filters, it is necessary to perform regular check-ups to extend the warranty as much as possible.

The spring AC maintenance checklist

There are several steps which can be taken to ensure your AC unit will be prepared for the summer and its scorching temperatures.

Uncover the outdoor coil

Sometime it is a good idea to protect the outdoor coil with some type of cover to protect it during the winter. These covers need to be removed in the spring before turning on the unit, so as not to result in damage.

Check the panels

Outdoor panels have a safety purpose in connection to the HVAC system. If one of them was moved or ripped out because of strong wind, they need to be realigned for safe operation.

Remove any debris

The mentioned outdoor panels can also catch some excess debris, which will limit their functionality. Any type of dust, pollen, or other debris should be removed timely from the coils and panels and their surrounding area.

Change the filters

A routine clean-up or replacement of air filters is one of the things which best ensures your AC will function properly and efficiently.

#1 Air Conditioning Maintenance San Diego services

It’s springtime and your AC unit needs maintenance, so why not call the pros? Action Air provides expert services in the San Diego area, helping you to fully reap the benefits of your home, knowing you have taken every necessary precaution.

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