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Solutions for Remedying Uneven Home Temperatures

Air conditioning duct repair San Diego-uneven temperatures

For people who reside in two- or multi-story homes, it is not unusual to have temperature differences between different levels. Usually, the higher levels are warmer than the lower, despite the AC system. This is especially associated with somewhat older properties. However, this should not simply be attributed to the fact that heat rises, but rather maintenance should be scheduled to see if structural repair is needed, e.g. air conditioning duct repair San Diego.

Here are some of the things you can do to address the uneven air conditioning.

Shift the fan from “Auto” to “On”

Different cooling systems have different settings, but all of them have the two auto and on settings. If the system is switched to auto, it means that when a cooling cycle is completed, the system shuts off. When the outdoor unit is off, the fan stops completely until there is a call for cooling.

You should move the setting to on. When the thermostat is on the on setting, it will not use cooling cycles, but remain on and distribute the air more evenly. This continual circulation will help in leveling the temperature differences between the levels.

Schedule an air duct inspection

Air ducts are a very important part of the HVAC system. In case of an uneven distribution of air conditioning in your home, you should consider having them checked-up. If there is a leak along the way, it could be causing a serious loss of cooled air and a waste of resources. In these cases, the air meant for a certain area won’t even reach it and the system can overheat.

This is why maintenance is a good idea, because it can reveal any leaks or blockages and point towards air conditioning duct repair San Diego. It should only be done by professional technicians.

Add insulation in the attic

Having the proper level of insulation in the attic is directly linked to the amount of hot air which is kept in. The insulation is meant to keep the hot air out and the cool air in during the summer. In winter, it keeps the warm air in. If the amount or quality of the insulation is improper, the heat flow will be more pronounced and the temperature differences felt more noticeably.

Introduce a zoning system

If the temperature difference between the downstairs and upstairs areas is too high, consider investing into a zoning system. That way, you will have direct control of both areas in terms of room temperature. It will enable you to heat or cool your home more efficiently and evenly, depending on the configuration. This is also a good long-term investment, because it can save you money by limiting cooling in the areas not being used.

Need air conditioning duct repair San Diego? Call the pros

If the air conditioning distribution in your home is uneven and you wish to take care of this problem, call Action Air. Our skilled technicians will inspect the ducts of your HVAC system, determine the problem and eliminate it before you know it.

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