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Common Reasons for Heating Repair in Poway: Electrical Problems with Furnaces

Does your furnace blow the fuse when the heat turns on? Root problems can be many and difficult to identify for the average homeowner. As experts in heating installation, maintenance and heating repair in Poway and across San Diego, Action AC is here to answer your HVAC dilemmas and provide custom solutions to your heating and HVAC needs.

When your furnace is having electrical problems, doing research and investigation on your own is fine, but since causes can greatly vary in nature, it’s best that you call an experienced heating repair specialist.

Wrong fuse

If the fuse is too weak to take on the capacity of your system, it will often cause shorts.

Solution: Always call trusted, qualified HVAC technicians to service your furnace.

Dirty fuse

This is likely to happen when a furnace hasn’t been maintained for some time. Fuses that are covered in soot or grime could have difficulty connecting and fail.

Solution: Keep the system regularly cleaned, maintained and inspected by a qualified and experienced professional.

Dirty filters

Dust and debris build up in filters. When they are not regularly changed, the dust can accumulate in the blower motor, which can lead to overheating. This causes the fuse to blow. What is especially hazardous in this case is that the fuse can even catch on fire.

Solution: replacing the fuse and the filter, having the system deep cleaned and committing to a routine of regularly changing the filters.

Contact with water

If the furnace comes into contact with water, it’s highly likely it will lead to a short. The water could be coming from the furnace itself (from the condensation) or there could be a leak near the furnace.

Solution: It’s best to call in a professional HVAC technician to prevent any potential hazards.

Loose wire

When a furnace is working, there is a certain level of vibration. It is possible that these vibrations cause a wire to get dislodged and sometimes, cause a short circuit.

Solution: Identifying the wire and replacing it, and having the system regularly inspected and tuned up to avoid such problems.

Faulty starting capacitor

In this situation, the problems you experience with your furnace and electricity could come and go. That’s why it could be difficult to locate the root of the problem.

Solution: Replacing the capacitor.

Broken transformer

Transformer converts the building’s voltage so that the electrical components of the furnace can function. This is necessary in buildings that have a 120 voltage. When the transformer fails, the system shorts.

Solution: Replacing the transformer.

Bad valve

Gas furnaces have valves. When a valve doesn’t open and shut correctly, it can turn hot and cause a short.

Solution: Replacing the valve and performing regular system check-up by professionals.

Faulty blower motor

When the blower motor is faulty, it puts a strain on the system, drawing too much power to run. This can lead to short circuits.

Solution: Replacing the blower motor.

Prevent problems with regular maintenance by experts for heating repair in Poway

Most of these problems can be prevented if you get a professional to look at your system on a regular basis and perform the necessary maintenance. Action AC is San Diego’s favorite local HVAC contractor, according to a San Diego Union-Tribune’s poll. We offer you a full range of HVAC services, backed up by more than 4 decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Call us when you need expert heating repair in Poway or elsewhere in San Diego and South Riverside County!

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