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Duct Sealing For Energy-Conscious Homes and Offices

how to repair heating ductsLeaky ducts impair the performance of your HVAC system and compromise its health and longevity. Air conditioning and heating Chula Vista expert (and an industry leader across San Diego), Action AC provides duct sealing services to all home and business owners.

What is duct sealing?

Duct sealing is basically fixing holes in the ductwork to prevent the conditioned air (hot or cold) from escaping. Mastic and duct tape can be used to seal holes in ducts and joints, but mastic is usually a more reliable and energy-conscious solution.

Mastic is a gooey substance which doesn’t harden. Mastic can be used to seal seams at the ductwork joints, but it can also be used to patch a hole in the duct. However, in that case the hole should be covered by fiberglass mesh tape and then mastic should be applied.

Cloth-backed rubber-adhesive tape, commonly found in hardware stores, is also used to seal ducts. The International Energy Conservation Code requires that only duct tape labeled in accordance with UL 181A or 181B be used for duct sealing. In reality, it can be difficult to locate such duct tape. What’s more, experience shows that such a label is no guarantee that the duct tape will hold up longer than an unlabeled product. The biggest problem with using duct tape as sealant, regardless of whether it’s meets the UL 181A or 181B standard, is that it doesn’t withstand high temperatures for long. For this reason, joints sealed with duct tape must be clamped.

How do ducts come unsealed?

There are 3 major causes to leaky ducts. They are:

  • Improper installation
  • Natural degradation
  • Remodeling projects

We always emphasize the importance of working with reliable and trusted air conditioning and heating contractors. Homeowners who choose to save an amount of money by hiring contractors of low or uncertain quality risk both their comfort and home budget. When your air conditioning and heating Chula Vista system is installed by undertrained, underqualified or negligent technicians, it’s only a matter of time when costly repair will be needed.

Airtightness of ducts can also be compromised with time, as materials deteriorate. Joints can loosen up, or a substance can damage the ducts.

Remodeling project gone wrong can damage ductwork and cause punctures and disjointing.

How do you know you need it?

Ducts are generally hidden behind the walls, so we cannot see if they are leaking air or not. There are other ways we can tell that a professional should inspect the ducts for leaks.

  • Unusually high utility bills
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Low air pressure from air supply vents
  • Rattling sounds without an obvious source

One of the best things you can do to ensure your comfort and budget savings is to sign up for an air conditioning and heating Chula Vista yearly check-up. Thousands of San Diego homes and offices have entrusted Action AC, Heating & Solar to check their HVAC systems once a year to ensure peak performance and health of the system. We invite you to join them! This measure will dispel any doubts about whether you are wasting energy and dollars with leaky ducts.

For the most reliable air conditioning and heating Chula Vista services, call Action AC, Heating & Solar!

If your home improvement projects are done the right way right away, you will save yourself time, money and nerves. That’s why Action AC, Heating & Solar is here – we have honed our expertise and refined our services so you have a peace of mind when it comes to the comfort of your home and the “health” of your home budget. Our reviews and awards speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and professionalism. We are proud of our most recent recognition – Action AC, Heating & Solar has been voted Favorite Local Company in a San Diego Union Tribute’s poll 2017. Reach out to us today to find out why!

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