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Why Change Your AC Air Filter?

At Action AC, Heating & Solar, we always strive to provide our customers with relevant HVAC information and advice that can help them run their home more efficiently and achieve greater comfort. Part of this mission is emphasizing how important maintenance is when it comes to your home air conditioning system. It’s impossible to talk about proper and effective maintenance of your AC without mentioning AC filter change. However, many are still unsure whether the guidelines on changing AC air filters are exaggerated or not. As your air conditioning Escondido specialist (also serving other San Diego areas), we are here to explain to you what can go wrong if you let regular AC maintenance slip through the cracks of everyday life.

To prevent a drop in air flow

Clogged air filters act as a barrier to your system. Air cannot circulate as it should through the system and as a result, less conditioned air reaches you.

To eliminate strain on the system

When the air flow is obstructed and reduced, your HVAC unit is under a strain to make up for the reduced flow. Thus it works harder to keep the temperature at the desired level, which of course, results in a hike in energy bills.

To avoid serious system damage, such as furnace failure

How is it possible that such a simple and inexpensive component such as air filters can compromise the health of the whole AC system? Since AC unit is quite a complex system, minor problems can escalate into major ones through a series of interconnected issues which are left unattended. So, if clogged air filters reduce air flow and add a strain on the system, the overworked air handler can cause the blower motor to overheat and fail.

To ensure a consistent allergen-free quality of air

Air filter removes dust, debris, pet dander, pollen and other particles from the indoor air you breathe. That is, that’s what air filters should do, but if you leave them dirty for too long, they allow these allergens back into air flow. That is a health threat to individuals with respiratory problems and allergies. If air quality is a priority concern for you, know that Action AC can help you with whole-house air filtration systems!

When you need air conditioning Escondido experts, call us!

Action AC, Heating & Solar has been serving Escondido and other San Diego areas for 42 years and we are committed to many more. If you would like to have your HVAC system checked, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us. We will carefully inspect the condition of your HVAC and perform the necessary repairs. You can also rely on us if you are interested in HVAC repair, servicing or installation. We are proud of our great ratings on Yelp and our industry-relevant awards. Our knowledge, experience and professionalism are at your service. Call us today!

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