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What You Risk If You Put Off Your Vista Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular Vista air conditioning maintenanceAre you guilty of ignoring your AC maintenance reminder? Whereas we all know that life is hectic and paced like a treadmill, putting off your Vista air conditioning maintenance (or anywhere in San Diego and South Cali, for that matter) can come back to bite you. Californian summer is not a time when you’d like to go without air conditioning for a few days. Bear in mind that 90% of all system breakdowns are put down to the lack of maintenance. So, why risk your comfort and home budget? Having your AC professionally maintained has never been easier – get in touch with Action Air Conditioning & Heating of San Diego. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And here are some things that can go wrong if your AC goes unattended.

Leaky refrigerant

Your air conditioner needs to have enough refrigerant to run properly. If there’s a leak, your AC will not be able to cool your home properly. Sometimes, there will also be a hissing sound coming from the unit. Refrigerant leaks often go unnoticed for quite some time, because the drop in the air conditioner’s efficiency is gradual. Refrigerant level check-up is part of regular professional maintenance program.

Blocked drains

Absence of check-ups can also result in blocked condensate drains. Water leaks around the AC can leave your unit “high and dry” in the middle of summer heat. The leaks can also damage your walls and possibly cause emergence of mold.

Blocked air filters

Clean air filters are a prerequisite for maximum AC efficiency. Depending on some factors, air filters should be replaced once a month or up to once every three months. For example, if you have pets, you’d best change them monthly. The same goes if someone in the family has respiratory problems.

Dirty ducts

Ducts should also be regularly cleaned to ensure peak condition of your AC. Ducts are out of sight, so you can’t easily see the dust and debris they accumulate. Sometimes, there is also mold and pet dander to be found. Dirty ducts will put a strain on the unit, which will reflect on the unit’s performance. They can also contribute to leaks or cause whistling sounds.

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