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Should You Invest In Inverter Air Conditioning?

Inverter air conditioning La Jolla

Inverter technology is another Japanese invention that made air conditioning friendlier to the environment and our budgets. Inverters are capable of reducing AC-related electricity consumption by 30 to 50%, which is a significant amount of money saved in Californian climate. If you are looking for ways to slash the bills, make sure you use inverter technology for your air conditioning La Jolla and San Diego in general.

How does a non-inverter air conditioning unit function?

Let’s take the cooling process for example. The air conditioner will take in the room air, cool it by pulling it through the evaporator and send the cooled air back into the room. The compressor, which is also part of the AC, compresses the refrigerant gas in order to cool it and it is this component that actually cools the air.

In non-inverter air conditioning units the compressor will be either on or off during the operation time of the AC. When it is on, it will work at full capacity. After the thermostat senses that the desired temperature has been reached, the compressor will turn off (but the fan will continue to work). When the temperature rises again, the thermostat will signal the compressor to turn on.

How are inverter air conditioners different?

The difference with inverter ACs is that the compressor is always on, but rarely at full capacity. It adjusts the load of the compressor relative to the temperature conditions. These air conditioners run constantly, but draw only as much power is needed to keep the desired temperature stable. In the end, they consume less electricity than their non-inverter counterparts.

We have explained why it’s important to have a correctly sized AC. However, the heat load of two identical rooms is not the same, and even the heat load of one room varies. For this reason, inverter ACs outperform non-inverter ones. The heat load varies due to many factors: the season, the number of people in the room, the time of day, the climate and the micro-climate. But the inverter will make appropriate adjustments for any change in the conditions and ensure that the optimal temperature is stable.

What are the benefits of inverter ACs?

Let’s list them. Inverter ACs are…

  • More economical and eco-friendly because they use less electricity.
  • Quieter because the compressor rarely operates at full capacity.
  • Longer-lived than non-inverter ones, because they are more efficient.
  • Faster at cooling, because they work harder in the beginning to reach the set temperature and then they lower energy consumption and consume only as much is needed to maintain the temperature.

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