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Is Your House Haunted or Is It Just Your Faulty Air Conditioning Chula Vista?

Ghosts or air pressure problems with air conditioning Chula VistaSometimes, malfunctions with HVAC aren’t that easy to pick up on. Your system could be heating or cooling your residential or commercial space quite well, but it could be having problems with air pressure. Regulating air pressure in a space is one of the advantages of having a centralized air conditioning system, such as HVAC. So, when is your HVAC telling you to call professionals who specialize in repairing air conditioning Chula Vista and San Diego?

Is that what I think it is?

Here are some unusual symptoms of HVAC problems.

  • Doors open on their own.
  • Doors slam by themselves.
  • Unexpected drafts of air.
  • Doors are difficult to open.
  • Rooms are surprisingly hot or cold.
  • You can hear whistling sounds and strange noises.

Even though these symptoms look like a clear case of a ghost haunt, it’s most likely your HVAC is acting up because of an imbalance in air pressure.

What problems are associated with air pressure imbalance?

Problems with positive air pressure result in air pressure which is higher in your home, office and commercial space than it is outside. Air flows from high pressure zones to low pressure, because pressure is force. That means your precious cooled air will leak from your home or commercial space through every hole and pore it finds. The positive pressure will also make outward-opening doors fly open and vice versa – opening doors that open inward will feel like weightlifting.

Negative pressure is the opposite. The air from the outside will be sucked in again through any existing air leak and there will be similar problems with doors. Doors opening inward will fly open, while those opening outward will be difficult to open. There’ll also be a strain on your air conditioner and furnace to work harder to maintain the temperature set, which will reflect in mounting energy bills.

What’s causing air pressure problems with your air conditioning Chula Vista?

Hot air that goes up can cause a negative pressure in the lower level of your home or commercial space. This can happen with large fireplaces and combustion appliances.

Exhaust fans can produce the same effect like combustion appliances. Negative pressure can cause backdrafting, which is undesirable when you have wood-burning stoves and chef-range stoves as it can lead to accumulation of carbon-monoxide.

Fan motor speed that is set too high can blow too much air in a room, resulting in high pressure.

Leaky ducts are very problematic and can make for differences in air pressure across your residential or commercial space. In some rooms the pressure can be high, while at the same time it can be lower in other rooms. As we have said, leaky ducts are huge energy suckers that will hit you in the hip pocket month in, month out.

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