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Which to Go for – Mini-splits, Multisplits or VRF?

Air conditioning Ramona - mini split, multisplit or vrf

Air conditioning Ramona - mini split, multisplit or vrfEnergy efficiency is the in thing in this day and age, not only for the love of our planet, but also for the love of our hard-earned money. In San Diego, we are blessed with mild and sunny weather, but it can get hot. What solution should you go to for your air conditioning Ramona (or San Diego) while promoting environmental sustainability and pursuing lower utility bills?

Ductless mini-splits

Mini splits are made of an indoor and outdoor unit connected with some wiring and tubing. They are quite easy to install and make a perfect solution when there is no room for ductwork. They are also quite energy-efficient (of course, if designed and installed properly). The main advantage over ducted centralized systems is that there are no ducts, which minimizes the loss of energy through air leaks and heat exchange. If every room has a unit of its own, the temperature can be individually controlled and the ACs are only used when you need them. There is, however, an option with some models to turn them on remotely or on a preprogrammed schedule (before you come home or before you get up).

Ductless multisplits

These systems are very similar to the previously explained, with the difference that one outdoor units is connected to a number of indoor units, between 2 and 8 typically. The advantage is that less space is needed for the outdoor unit, when compared to having multiple mini-splits. There are also some savings in the energy bills – it’s more energy-efficient to have one outdoor unit supplying multiple indoor units than having an outdoor unit per each indoor air blower.


VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow takes air con to wholly new heights. It’s an extremely sophisticated technology that basically operates on the same principle like the multisplit system. The crucial difference is that one outdoor unit can support as many as 48 indoor units. Also, unlike multisplits, it’s possible to heat one room and cool another with VRF technology.

Application is the key

Mini-splits are very cost-effective and quite energy-efficient when smaller applications are concerned. With a multisplit, you have to bear in mind that the failure of the outdoor unit will disable all the indoor units. On the other hand, having a multisplit could be better for your wallet, but only if it’s got inverter technology and the tubing is not too long (so as to avoid energy losses due to refrigerant flow).

VRF is a state-of-art system, but it could be that its sophistication is best harnessed in commercial spaces and multi-family housing. The installation costs can be more than twice the cost of other systems, plus the system itself is more expensive. In addition, VRF systems need a dedicated outdoor air system that confirms to certain ventilation codes, and they are also suited for buildings with operable windows and natural ventilation.

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