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Which Is Better For You: Ducted or Ductless Systems?

Ducted or ductless air conditioning in Chula Vista

With so much buzz about energy-efficiency, a great deal of homeowners are thinking whether they should go for ductless mini-split systems. While these novel systems are taking California by storm, there are still some situations where they are humbled by ducted HVACs. Here is info that could give you some direction when it comes to installation of air conditioning in Chula Vista or anywhere in San Diego.

Ducted Systems

Ducted HVACs have metal sheet ducts running through the walls and the ceiling of your home. The central furnace or air conditioner heats or cools the air and forces it through the ducts, delivering it to different rooms through vents. A centralized HVAC ensures a uniform temperature throughout the whole residence.

Go for a centralized ducted air conditioning in Chula Vista if…

If your home already has ductwork, but the system is inefficient or faulty, it would still make more financial sense for you to invest in installing a new ducted HVAC. If your ducts are leaking too much air, you could have them sealed. A centralized system is more cost-effective, especially if you want a whole-house system.

If you want to get rid of humidity in the air, ducted systems are much better at this task than ductless mini-splits. Ducted systems are also better for the overall indoor air flow. Indoor air quality, as well as air pressure, can be a concern with ductless mini-splits.

From a certain standpoint, ducted HVACs can be lower-maintenance as well. To ensure their peak performance, a cleaning routine and scheduled professional check-up will prevent most problems. Ducted systems have only one indoor unit and one indoor air handler, whereas ductless systems have an air handler in every room.

You might also decide to go for a centralized ducted system because of esthetic reasons. Ducted HVACs are hidden behind walls. Therefore, they are less disruptive of the home décor both inside and outside. On the other hand, we have to be honest and admit that ductless mini-splits have quite a neat design, which isn’t that conspicuous in a lot of cases.

Ductless Systems

Ductless mini-splits have an outdoor unit and one or multiple indoor units, also called air handlers or blowers. These air handlers extract the heat from each room individually.

Go for a ductless mini-split for your air conditioning in Chula Vista if…

With ductless systems you have more control. Unlike centralized ducted systems which can only establish the same temperature throughout the home, ductless system allows you to choose which rooms will be cooled. This makes for a higher energy-efficiency, in general. However, just like ducts can leak air and cut down the efficiency of the unit, the external refrigerant links of ductless systems could also lose energy. A zoned ducted system and VRF are alternatives to ductless AC systems, which also provide the option of zoning your home.

If you are adding a room to your house, it would be easier to go with a ductless mini-split with one air handler than to install new ductwork and connect it to the existing one. Even if you are building a new home and want to have a centralized ducted system, it would make sense to complement this system with one ductless unit for spaces that are not frequently used.

Additionally, ductless systems are better for dust reduction, because they don’t have any ducts where dust could build up and get blown into the home.

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