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How Indoor Air Quality Can Effect Your Health

Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, in your home and workplace can play an important role in your short-term and long-term health. Poor IAQ can be linked to many health symptoms including but not limited to, headaches, fatigue, concentration issues, nose, throat, eye or lung irritation. Specific diseases like asthma, viruses, and mesothelioma have also been linked to contaminants in the air in indoor environments. There are many factors that affect the IAQ in your indoor environments, including poor ventilation or lack of outside air, temperature control issues, humidity that is too high or too low, and recent remodeling or construction near the building. Dust from construction or renovation, mold, cleaning agents, pesticides and other airborne chemicals can all cause poor IAQ.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Homes IAQ?

Correct ventilation and care is essential for healthy IAQ and can prevent a decline in the long-term quality of the indoor air. Indoor environments are complex, that’s why it important to higher a professional, like Action Air, with knowledge of these systems is necessary to improve the air quality that will help minimize health concerns.

At home, there are a few general tips for maintaining good IAQ:

  • Minimize Chemical Pollutants: Avoid smoking indoors; choose low-emitting or low-VOC products; don’t use harsh cleaners; keep certain activities outside such as paint stripping, gluing, painting and sanding. Use carbon monoxide monitors to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Keep It Clean: Use machine washable bedding to minimize dust and allergens; minimize dirt tracked in the house; use HEPA vacuum cleaners to remove surface debris; ensure that all ducts and dryer vents are cleaned regularly.
  • Control Moisture: Keep your home dry; repair leaks immediately; repair flood or water damage immediately to reduce mold and rot; and consistently use the exhaust fans in the bathroom while showering.
  • Ensure Proper Ventilation: Ensure that mechanical filters are in place and fit well; use mechanical air systems to control dust levels; open doors and windows when temperatures and humidity levels permit, and make sure that fuel-burning appliances are vented to the outside of the home away from windows and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) intakes.

There are additional air cleaning systems that can be used to improve Indoor Air Quality, including electrostatic systems, ion generators, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The professionals at Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar can help assess your needs and provide the necessary services to improve your indoor air quality- and health! Contact us today on the web or by phone 800-400-4152, to learn more about our services.

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