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3 Signs You Need To Have Your HVAC Serviced

Being proactive is the first step in getting the most out of your heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit (HVAC).

The number one reason for equipment failure is lack of maintenance and dirt accumulation in the system, in fact about 90% of all repairs are due to lack of proactive actions. Why spend all that money on a HVAC unit to have it fail when you and your family need it most? To help you stay on top of maintenance and repairs we’ve created a list of signs it’s time to get your system serviced.

Age of System

Age can tell a lot about a system, like humans systems have life cycles and it’s important to take your system on a “check up” when needed.

Unusual Behavior

This is the clearest sign you need to have things looked at if anything unusual is going on with your HVAC it’s time to be serviced. Even issues you may deem as small and unimportant can have an effect long term and lead to significant damage.

Utility Bill Rises

If the cost of your heating and electric bill skyrockets out of nowhere this is typically a sign something is not operating correctly and it needs to be looked at. To save money in the long run it’s best to check this out so your not paying for heating and cooling you’re not using.

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