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Can I Install Solar On My Home?

Wondering whether you are able to install solar? The answer is, it depends on your location. There are a number of considerations to make before installing solar. Most importantly:

  • Does My Property Get Adequate Sunlight?
  • Does My HOA Allow Solar Panels?
  • Does My Local Utility Allow Grid-Connected Solar Panel Systems?
  • Do I Live In A Historic Designated Area? Can I Install Solar in A Historic District?
  • Do I Own My Roof?
  • And More

In most areas, installing solar is simple. Solar access laws exist in many states, making it illegal to block solar panel installations in most areas.

The most common areas that cause problems for homeowners that want to install solar are historic areas and townhome or condo developments.

Historic district charters are often written in a way that prevent anything that does not meet historic guidelines from being installed—making solar installation very difficult.

Townhomes and condominiums can also pose problems depending on how ownership is structured. If you own the roof over your townhome or condo, installing solar is no different than installing on a standalone structure. If you have a shared roof that you do not own, installing solar is not possible without the express written permission of your homeowners association. Special contracts are sometimes needed, but cases can vary.

Unfortunately, cases can vary in every locality and even from neighborhood to neighborhood, so the best advice we can give is to first check with your HOA if applicable and then contact a solar installation professional in your area. A solar installation professional will know the laws and hurdles that exist in your municipality.

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