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Does a Heat Pump Work in the San Diego Area?

Are you considering installing or replacing a heat pump at your home in the San Diego area? If so, there are several things that you should consider. As you may know, heat pumps can be an extremely cost-effective way to heat your home, but they do have limitations that make them unattractive in some areas.

Knowing these limitations will help you avoid purchasing a heat pump that will not adequately meet your home’s heating needs.

What Are the Limitations of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps use significantly less energy to produce heat than a furnace or boiler, but they are only effective in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In areas where temperatures regularly fall below freezing in the winter, a heat pump’s efficiency is decreased. In these areas, it makes more sense to have a dual fuel system installed so that a gas or electric furnace provides heat when temperatures fall below 40 degrees and the heat pump provides lower-cost heat when the temperature is above 40 degrees.

Is A Heat Pump a Smart Investment in the San Diego Area?

The San Diego area has four distinct climate zones where temperatures can vary considerably within just a few miles. Look at the map below:


The coastal zone has temperatures that are moderated by the ocean waters, making this an ideal area for heat pump installations in San Diego. However, the inland, mountain, and desert zones have temperature extremes that are much greater than the coastal zone. In these areas, winter temperatures can fall below freezing often, so a dual fuel heating system or a furnace would be a better choice for your heating needs.

Want to Learn More About Heat Pumps in San Diego?

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