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What Do I Need to Know About Solar?

Solar energy is a very straight-forward technology, but there are dozens of questions that we are commonly asked by solar customers. To make your solar decision easier, we’ve compiled this list of important things you need to know about solar.

Solar Is Affordable

Popular belief is that solar is too expensive for average homeowners, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Solar costs have decreased 99 percent since Jimmy Carter was president and introduced the first solar program in 1977.

In the last three years, the price of solar has decreased approximately 80 percent just since 2008!

Solar Can Be Installed on Any Kind Of Roof

There is a common misconception that solar can only be installed on traditional asphalt roofs or ground mounted, but this is not true. Installations on specialty roofing materials may require more work and slightly higher cost, but it is possible. See our previous blog posts that address these questions:

Solar Can Power Your Entire House

Since solar power only operates during daylight hours, we are often asked how solar panels can fully power a house. We answer this question in our blog post, “Can Solar Panels Power a House?

If you read the blog post linked above and have more questions about how solar can meet 100 percent of your energy needs, contact us to talk to a solar specialist.

Solar Is Worth the Investment

With the dramatic decrease in solar costs in the last 10 years, solar owners are recouping their costs quicker than ever. In much of the country, homeowners can recoup the cost of installation in 10 years or less. In California, the numbers are even better!

Read our blog post “Is Solar Worth the Investment?” to learn more.

Solar Panels Are Durable

We know what you’re thinking. A piece of glass sitting on your roof spells bad news when a hail storm hits. Logical, we know, but in fact, solar panels are designed with natural disasters in mind. Solar panels are designed to withstand even moderate sized hailstones and winds up to 120mph (although in some areas, local code requires they only withstand 90mph).

To learn more about the durability of solar, read our blog post, “Are Solar Panels Durable?

Want to Learn More About Solar?

If you want to learn more about solar installation San Diego and the surrounding area for your home or business, give us a call or fill out a contact form on the right. Our solar technicians can discuss the options that are available to you, assess your home’s solar potential, and even provide you with production and return on investment estimates!

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