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What is the Best Looking Solar Panel?

One of the biggest hurdles that solar panels have had to deal with over the years—aside from cost—has been aesthetics. Many homeowners want to go solar, but they simply haven’t liked the look of solar panels.

Today, the solar market has a much broader selection than it did in years past. No longer do homeowners have to settle for blue panels with silver frames if they do not want to. Many of the major solar panel manufacturers now offer a black panel with black framing that blends in well with the roof of many homes—producing clean renewable energy while maintaining the aesthetic value of your home.

One company—Lumos Solar—has taken solar panel aesthetics to a whole new level, however. Recently launched, Lumos LSX solar panels offer a frameless semi-transparent solar panel that not only looks sleek and modern, but will let the sun shine through—making it an ideal choice for awning or patio applications.

Whether on your roof or used as an awning or carport, Lumos Solar panels offer unrivaled aesthetics, superb performance, and an industry standard 25 year warranty.

Lumos Solar Gallery

To see more, visit Lumos Solar’s website and view their gallery at

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