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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Efficient Solar Panels in San DiegoIf you are shopping for solar panels for your home or business, naturally you’re going to wonder how long solar panels will last. Solar panels require a significant investment, so it only makes sense that you want to know whether the longevity of the panels makes them worth the cost.

Fortunately, solar panels have very few moving parts, meaning there is little opportunity for them to experience hardware failure or stop working. Over time, the components in solar panels become less efficient—with an expected decrease in power production of approximately 20 percent over the course of 20 to 25 years—but they can last significantly longer than that. In fact, some of the original solar panels developed in the 1950’s are still working today!

In the event that you have a faulty solar panel installed, rest-assured knowing that most solar panels and components on the market today have a 25 year warranty, protecting your investment well after it has already paid for itself!

Although solar panels require very little maintenance, keeping an eye on the panel components will only increase the longevity and productivity of your panels.

Does Life Expectancy Vary Depending on Solar Panel Type?

Yes, life expectancy can vary a bit depending on the type of solar panel you install. For example, a traditional mono or poly crystalline solar panel—these are the traditional blue or black panels you see installed on homes and light poles across the U.S.—typically last longer than thin film solar panels. Thin film solar panels are manufactured in a different way with a different chemical make-up. Although great strides have been made in thin film technology, thin film panels are still less efficient than more traditional solar panels and lose their efficiency at a faster rate.

Although some thin film panels today carry the same 25 year warranty that most crystalline panels have, thin film panels more commonly come with 10-15 year warranties.

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