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Is Solar Worth The Investment?

One of the questions we are most commonly asked about our San Diego area solar installations is “is solar worth the investment?”

The “worth” of solar panels varies from person to person. For some, the worth is measured in reducing their impact on the planet’s environment, while for others the value is measured strictly in financial viability. For early adopters, the value of solar was measured more in terms of environmental impact, but solar prices today are a fraction of what they were even five years ago, making solar a winning choice for those seeking to decrease—or even eliminate—their monthly energy bills.

The economics of installing solar panels on your home or business depends heavily on the cost of electricity. In some markets, electricity prices are low, making solar a long-term investment, but in Southern California, we have some of the highest energy prices in the nation—making the solar investment pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

In the San Diego area, these numbers look even better. There is a great deal more sun—and higher energy prices—in Southern California than there is in the northern part of the state, so these numbers are not as accurate at a local level as they are in states that are much smaller than California.

Although there are several variables that can alter the return on investment (ROI), in San Diego, most homeowners that purchase a solar electric system can expect to break even in less than 10 years. Solar panels have a warrantied lifespan of 25 years, meaning you get 15 years or more of reliable, clean, and FREE energy!

If you are considering solar for your home in the San Diego area, contact the solar energy professionals at Action Air, Heating & Solar for a free consultation today! Our solar experts will assess your home’s solar potential, provide you with a quote, and a financial report detailing your total investment, monthly savings, and payback period.

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